Thursday, February 28, 2013

Metamorphosis Gamma space adventure

 This is another post about a One-Shot adventure I ran. The guys who played  "Five" and "Three" are my current players in the DCC campaign Lars and Bulls Zi!!! They stuck with me this long I must be doing something right.
I think I ran this sometime in '09 or '10, maybe 2011......

A few years ago I ran a single evening session using the Alternate Beginning and the Space station map from the Albuquerque Starport mini-module that comes with the Gamma World 2nd ed. DM screen.

I had 3 players, all were human and I made them roll a D6. The D6 number was which clone they were of themselves. My idea was they might find earlier versions of themselves either dead or possibly still roaming the station completely bonkers!!! If they died the next clone in the sequence would be activated. Paranoia! RPG was played heavily by me in 1987-88.

Anyhow we ended up with:
Five, he had Small Unit repair technician.

Three, he had Ecology Technician, Weapons Officer, Transport Technician, Recreation Officer and Survival Training Specialist.

Four (my wife), she had Engine Maintenance Technician, Radiation Technician and Shuttle craft Pilot.

Our intrepid clones awoke to the sound of a slavering jawed plant trying to eat them as the cryo-tubes opened!!!! Leaping out of his tube "3" finds a fire extinguisher and proceeds to beat the jawed plant, while 5 and 4 look for anything else useful!

If you have the Space Station map at home I started them in room H in section K of the Station.

5 gets a nice piece of loose pipe and aids in the demise of the plant while 4 worked on getting the doors to the chamber open! After finding some generic crew jumpsuits to put on (AC 9) they went out into the hall. Looking out a porthole they realize they are in orbit over a planet. But what planet?!?! Is it earth, the continents don't look right.

They begin to follow the curve of the main hall towards the main bulkhead. when they spy a lone figure ahead with its back to them and knocking on the sealed bulkhead door...... approaching cautiously, 3 calls out to the man. Upon turning around the effects of severe radiation burns and space-madness reveal themselves as the maniac crewman screams and charges the party!

A few rounds with the pipe and the fire extingiusher put a squishy end to him. When searched he is found to have a Brown card and a stun pistol. The bulkhead door is found to be sealed. The party heads back along the hall towards the bulkhead at the opposite end of the deck. Midway there they find the cross hall that leads to the center of the station and head that way. Two more radiated space maddened crew attack and are stunned and then squished! The central Station hub is found to have four out of fve shuttle docking bays in working order. The fifth has been destroyed by some unknown catastrophe. The Trans-Mat bays all seem to have no power, however luggage and supply crates are scattered about the area. A quick look finds the following items:
A pair of Feldman protectors, a Nuero-stimulator and a Articulated Relaxer for 5. He comments about the abundance of sex equipment he is finding?!?!?
 3 finds a few light-sticks, an energy cell, and some food packs which the party devours!

4 finds a Grey card with a Gear symbol on it, which she knows is a Technical ID card. Also she finds a Ballistic nylon security vest (AC5) which she dons. 

Choosing one of the two remaining cross halls out of the central hub the group decides to find the command room or engineering so they can either call for a shuttle or power the Trans-mat and get the hell outta here!

After this I get sketchy, I know someone threw a grenade, there was an explosive decompression incident! everyone made to safety! More mutated crew were coming and an earlier version 3, 2 he was called. All scraggly haired with a beard and brandishing a slug ejector was screaming about how he was the Real "1" and such!! You know I think he threw the grenade.... anyway this never did really come to a conclusion but it sure was fun.

 This is another one I hope someday to return to. There have been a couple of failed attempts but I'll return them here someday and see if they can get off the station and back to Gamma Terra!!!!

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