Sunday, March 10, 2013

Attack of the Mutants!!!!!!!!

I always wanted to order this game from my comic books back in the early 80's. However that money ended up being spent on Gamma World, Dungeons & Dragons, Micronauts and whatever else caught my eye at the store. On a whim years later I google it and WHAM!

Or here at Noble Knight:

Now I really have to save up if I want to get. $60.00 bucks!!! Yikes. It's too bad nobody has re-issued some of these games. I wouldn't want an updated version either. I want it original rules, imbalances and all the charm that comes with it. It looks like it was a blast to play too!

I admit that in early Gamma World games that little robot with the m-16 is what Security Bots looked like in my world.

I think I might have to break those little guys out again. Here is a close look:
I think it's actually a maintenance robot they armed with the gun. In a sense he is still on "clean-up" duty. He just uses a 5.56 calibur Mop!

Check out this close up of the map, I think there was a little more than just a radiation or mutagenic problem at hand!
Somebody has a couple of Labs dedicated to studying the Necronomicon! I think I feel a Gamma World one-shot coming on.

Klatuu! Barada! Nic-oooo, uh, Night-o! Ah, rumble, grumble! I said it, I said it!

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