Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Flori-Duh, Gamma World 7e campaign

So in January 2011  I get my group together and we create a group of GW7e characters to run through the introductory adventure. Here is what they created:

Spectra  Speedster/Telekinetic
Spectra looks like an average bald guy in a comfy terry cloth HILTON Hotel robe that conceals his kevlar vest. He wields a mean Sword-staff and a Chakra. He also aquired an m-16 from the Klickies! The sleeves of the robe conceal an Ishtarian Hand Rocket and a Area 52 neural baton. Spectra can't wait to use Life Leech on the next bunch of fools who defy him and his friends!

AJAX    Electrokinetic/Yeti
He's big, furry, wears Samurai armour and the static shock will kill ya! If you get too close AJAX likes to tear you apart with his claws, or maybe a crack to the skull with his huge plumbers pipe wrench. If you are out of reach he uses a museum replica Ballista. His current combo of Jet boots, Tangler and MK1 laser pistol are just begging to get him in the mix! Crushing Gravity is waiting to be used.

Dash    fox swarm/speedster
She's so cute, and there are so many! This little anthropomorhic fox dressed like Robin Hood in green leathers likes to swarm her foes and nibble them to death! or pepper you from afar with volleys of tiny arrows! Dash has a Photon grenade tucked away for later and a Fizz Neurojack for that Athletics roll that just can't fail!

The Mutant with No-name   Hawkoid/Pyrokinetic
This flaming demonic gargoyle from the METALVERSE likes to burn his foes as he chews thier guts up with his Chainsaw Bass guitar! His Terrifying Shreik is when he makes the Bass get feedback. He is trying to convince the other members of the party that they should form the first Apocalyptic Metal Band and tour Gamma Terra! He is also looking forward to using the H11 Blaster rifle on an enemy. 2 inch smoking holes are so METAL......

This party has played through the first 3 encounters in "Trouble in Freesboro", which I have changed to "Trouble in Hillsboro" set in Hillsboro Beach Flori-Duh. This coming weekend the party will be joined by two new members and they will run afoul of bad things in the PungCo. building!

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