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MA 2010 summer campaign ends?

Session 8
So the party reaches the Sky Column opens the elevator doors and try the buttons on the panel to hopefully go up! (Tonight all PC's are present except Xen, which actually works out.) So first try they end up on sub-level 2, Ollopa says this is where he came from! They try again and after a 10min. ride the doors open to reveal a dimly lit metal cavernous room! See Barrier Peaks illustration #17. They step out of the elevator and look around, Sabetha hears scratching of claws on metal in the darkness and breaks off after it! The rest of the group is like NO! but she runs off. as they set off after her see barrier peaks illustration on page 9 of the module (intellect devourer trailing party) moments later they find Sabetha in a melee with the Brain creature! the party waits till Sabetha is knocked prone and unleash with a fishing cast-net from hindenburg, a laser blast from Ollopa, and a spear from Rayquan! The Intellect D. replies with MIND THRUST on the group! they all take dmg. xcept Rayquan! Rayquan responds with his own mental attacks! The laser blast destroyed the net, and Hindenburg uses a chrome Barbarella gun (fire extinguisher) on the foe! Ollopa helps Sabetha away from the battle! The Intellect D. uses the cloud of CO2 gas to run off! A game of cat and mouse begins as the party tries to get back to the elevator without being killed by the Brain creature!!!!
David Trampier: Intellect devourer

They did escape and were VERY much beat up! this night ended a bit early but a great time was had by all!

Session 9
Upon returning to Hab-e-tat, a couple of things transpire:

All the players were present this evening, so the group as a whole confronts Xen and the Loo-tehn-ant with what they know.

**Also my 8yr old daughter has joined the game as a female Orlen named Katara.

Xen has been updated with the memory module and he reveals the fact that the "Dome" in which they live is failing and replacement parts must be found.
We rolled on the "Random Tech Component Name Generator" table I lifted from the Metamorphosis Alpha Forum somewhere. Sorry I can't remember exactly where, I think this table is going to be included in the MA Geomorphs set if I remember correctly.

Anyhow, the Loo-tehn-ant says that he and Xen are only programmed with enough knowledge to guide the village of Hab-i-tat, to breed useful mutants to use to fight against the Wolfoids and to discover any secrets of the "Ward". Mutants deemed too powerful are sent on higher priorty missions through the Door to Hell. The needed items lie in that direction.

[The Door to Hell is the main hatchway to the transfer tube station that allows egress into the main Ship itself.]
Door to Hell
The party rested and healed. gathered food and supplies and set out for the Door to Hell. They avoided a Wolfoid hunting party and arrived at the Door. Ollopa used a grey (maintenance) bracelet to get the hatch open. Inside they found a non-functioning subway platform. Jumping down into the tubeway they started marching into "Hell". Ollopa reveals that his people live out their lives in the "Tubes" and believes that he came this way before he met the group on "levul whon". He relates that it will take about 8 sleep times before they reach the "Big Rooms" as his people call them.

After the fourth sleep time, the party is attacked by a band of pig men!The battle is fast and Ollopa kills the pig leader with a laser bolt to the face!

They finally reach a point where the Tube way is blocked by wreckage an Ollopa leads them into a smaller area called the "vents". Crawling through the "vents" they reach a grill and drop into a Vast chamber! The "big Room". The party is now on Deck 13 of the Warden, along the eastern wall of the Hull. I decided this area is a maze of cargo containers all laid out in a grid, rows a to z from north to south ans aisle 1 to 100 from east to west. Along the perimeter wall in the SW is the hatchway to the inclined plane to Deck 14 as well as small work alcoves for crew. In the center of the Deck is access to the Main elevator shaft. Also placed in the ceiling are a number of roof mounted mobile cargo lifters. Cranes that run along a rail system.

The group sets out to find the needed components, busting open a container they find a batch of freeze dried foodstuffs and take a few. Soon they come upon a group of cougaroids raiding a container. Sabetha the resident cat girl approaches and parley's. The cougaroids point them north to where lots of "useless junk" is stored. They also warn of the "Red One". The group heads north along aisle 56 to Row C. Here they find many containers have been opened and items strewn about. Xen describes what they are looking for and a hunt begins. A humming noise alerts the group and a red light is seen coming from aisle 55. A red robot floats into view (he looks like maximillian from the Black Hole) and scans the party. Xen attempts to speak to it. The robot extends his spinning blades and advances on the mutants in the party! The party unleashes a barrage of Laser, CO2, mental blast, paralysis dart, slug thrower fire at it! and then runs!!!!!

My intention is for "Max" to be a sort of Jason Vorhees of Deck 13. It is a malfunctioning Supervisory Robot that can reprogram household and general maintenance bots. "Max" now wants to eliminate all non-robotic life!!! "max" currently ignores the PC "Xen".

The End?
Since this campaign has ventured away from the locale of Kerry's EXCELLENT adventure I will continue posting the adventure in its own thread.

The PC's will be picking up on Deck 13 after they had a run in with MAX. It seems the group will be the same players so it should work out.

I have spent the last few months wrangling with the new D&D Gamma World, it is pretty cool in its own way. I look forward getting back to the Warden.

In the meantime keep an eye out for the return of my Summer Campaign on the Warden!

As is common with gaming groups, this game never continued. Maybe someday we will discover the fate of those lost on Deck 13.

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