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Metamorphosis Alpha 2010 campaign

In the summer of 2010 I ran a MA campaign on a lucky group of players that had no prior knowledge of the setting. Below are the posts I made about the campaign at the Metamorphosis Alpha Forums.

Also big thanks go to Kerry Jordan for his module that set off this campaign.

So this is a Fusion of MA 1e and Mutant Future rules sets. The first session was Thursday 5/27/10
Well we are off to a bumpy start, only 3 of 5 player's were present last night. But opted to "get going" any way. I loosely NPC'd the 2 missing PC's. We also started later than I wanted because of my daughter's end of the year 2nd grade homework!!! CRIPES!!

Anyhow, The party consists of the following:
1) Muant armadillo (Amarillo)
2) #Xen3366 UAC (Deimos) or "Xen" a Android
3) Pure Human "Buckstar"
NPC'd by me
4) "Sabetha" mutant cat
5) no name unkown type, as this player has yet to update me with a PC so I NPC'd it as a pure human with all 9's in stats.

The entire group are members of a village called "HabEtat" in the forested land of "Ward". The village is ruled by 2 elders and a Wise-man (shaman) who always bears the title of "LooTehnEnt". The Wise-man has some holy "relics" and "Manuuls & Tex's" that he teaches from. Buckstar has been trained to recognize different types of "Robo's" and might even be able to fix a broken one if he can find a toolkit as prohesized in the Manuul.
Xen was discovered 3 seasons ago by a hunting party near the "Doorway to Hell". He was brought back to the village as they thought he was human.Upon awakening he admitted he was an Android and the "LooTehnEnt" quickly took him under his wing. Xen had no memories and only the recollection that he knew a lot about outdoor survival and the use of non-technical weapons.

 In the past few weeks what should have been the begining of the summer season has gone horribly wrong! The weather has gotten steadily cooler and at night drops below freezing! Some of the tribes elderly and young have died! No one has ever encountered cold like this in the history of the tribe. The council decides to form 4 groups of five members apiece and send them out along the 4 great routes of North, South, East and West, in the hopes they can find aid, food, a new shelter for the tribe or some Relic of the ancients to aid them.

The LootehnEnt gives our group a map of Ward on a piece of leather, a Slug Projector with 10 shots (he shows them the "mantra of aiming" and the "prayer of un-jamming") and a set of 3 tablets called "heal Pills". He warns them to eat only 1 as more could kill you! They are chosen to go north and retrace the path taken by the founders of HabEtat when they came from the north 200 years ago and settled here in Ward.

Our intrepid explorers head out in the early morning mists and follow the Ranger river. Looking over the map they see many things they have either never been told of or heard only in whispers round the hearth fires. Around mid-day a gleam of sun off metal upriver and high in a large Willow tree grabs their attention. Upon closer inspection they see a Metal Man wrapped in vines suspended about 15ft off the ground. Buckstar remarks that if he can get a better look at it he might be able to tell what kind of service the "Robo" does. Dillo takes to the air as he can fly (psionic flight) to get a closer look from the air, Xen moves up below the Robo and tries to use his spear to saw the vines, Buckstar guards Xen with his fire ax at the ready. The 2 NPC's go in guard mode.

Animated vines burst from the ground and capture Xen, Buckstar, Human NPC, and partially wrap (1 arm free) Dillo. The Mutant cat has Phobia "mutant plants" and runs off into the woods! Lots of Str checks to busrt bonds, chopping and slicing ensue and the "grabber" plant is killed and the Robo is freed. He identifies himself as HCD43 a horticulture droid that is seeking aid in ridding the Environmental Center of an infestation of large wolves. The PC's quickly surmise that their tribes enemies the Wolfoids sound like the culprits! A lot of what HCD43 talks about makes no sense to them but the agree to help. HCD tells them they need to hurry as his battery back-up is running low and they will need his help to get into the Center without alerting the Wolves.

 HCD43 takes them to a service tunnel entrance where a "piercer" is encountered (think of a cross between a bobcat and a porcupine). Dillo tangles with the beast and makes short work of it. The arrive at a Sealed doorway and await HCD to open it.

 In this game the Starship Warden is a cross between the ship from the RPG and the Generation ship from the "TV show THE STARLOST". Essentially I have added 5 domes to each side of the Warden. Each Dome is a specific environment: Grasslands, Forest, Arctic, etc. Each Dome is 3 levels, level 1 is the actual environment, level 2 just below contains all the equipment, labs, crew stations, robots and anything that would have been needed to keep that ecosystem functioning. The 3rd level is where supply storage and transortation between other Domes and the main ship by "Jump-Tube" for personnel between Domes or "Mag-train" between Domes and Ship. Obviously not all of these will be working.

The Party will be starting in the only inhabited village in the Forest Dome. No players have any out of game knowledge that they are on a ship, they will only know they were born and raised in the village of Hab-e-tat, and the land they live and hunt on is called "The Ward" by village elders.

***Ugh*** You know nothing ever goes as planned, as you can see from Session 1, but also after the fact I realized all the things I forgot or neglected to do! The most notable for me was forgetting to describe the "radiation moss" !!!!! It completely slipped my mind I was having such a good time playing "hayseed" using my best C3PO voice and mannerisms.

Also since we are using Mutant Future as a rules basis the Android is a playable race but I am going to work in the whole "android conspiracy" as we go. I am thinking that the PC was supposed to be an updated replacement for the current Shaman (LootehnAnt) and he knows it. This is why he has taken Xen under his wing. But we will see where this goes..

 Second session:
So Player #5 arrived tonight with a Mutant Human, he has black skin, a prehensile tail, bright eyes, pituitary deformation, quickmind, and mind thrust. his name is: Rayquan Photomat

HCD43, now referred to as Hayseed, returns to the group awaiting entry to the Complex in the service tunnel. He gives each of the a "Visitor Badge" that will allow them access to the Enviro-Control Center. Hayseed is asked by the group if there is a way they can see where the Wolfoids are? Hayseed leads them to a small control room on level 2 and uses "magic" to make rooms on level 1 appear on the wall and they can see who is there. Two wolfoids are making a mess in the Barn (garage), and at least 1 is scavenging in the Medical area, the main control room camera is not working. They get Hayseed to describe how the Wolfoids got in and determine the leader carries a powerful energy sword! The party decides that they need better weapons and ask Hayseed if there are any in the complex. He says if there are they would be in the Security Locker on level 1. Using the "magic" viewing wall to locate the Security locker they see the doorway has been tampered with but not broken into. So they set out by using the stairwell to ascend to level 1 and make a bee-line to the Security locker.

The Security Locker doors are dented pretty badly and they have to manually push them apart. There is only room enough for Sabetha the cat girl to squeeze in. She describes an altar to similar to the one Hayseed used below but it has no lights! and a black metal box with a lid. Opening the box she finds it contains weird devices but a green energy field stops her from getting the items out!

The party decides to go to the main control room on level 1 and see if they can get the Green energy field turned off from there. The main control room has 3 entrances from the north, east and south. And since they couldn't see in there they decide the Wolfoids may be there! Buckstar with his 3rd stage slug projector and Xen with a spear go to the North door, Amarillo (now renamed Hindenberg) and Hayseed go to the east door, and Sabetha and Rayquan go to the Southern door. Just as Sabetha and Rayquan reach the doorway it opens and they and a Wolfoid are surprised and stare at each other for a round! Hindenberg and Hayseed open the east door, Buckstar and Xen open the north door. Inside is a large circular room, he walls are lined with lighted altars of metal and "magic" viewing walls! There are 7 Wolfoids in the chamber, 6 of them wear woven plant fibre chestplates similar to the PC's armor, and the largest carries a "Sunsword" it raises this over its head and growls "kill them all!"
A huge melee ensues! Sabetha and Rayquan take out 3 wolfoids by judicious use of bright eyes, mind thrusts, and quick shortsword and cat claw work! Hindenberg (the armadillo) charges in and critically claws 2 wolfoids down in a thrashing melee of disenboweling! Buckstar slug projectors a lone wolfoid in the back and Xen finishies it off with a critical spear thrust! The Wolfoid Alpha charges Buckstar and shears off his fibre breast plate! Buckstar fires wildly and does little damage! Xen attempts a flanking spear thrust only to be backhanded to the ground by the wolfoid! Rayquan hurls a spear at the Alpha Wolfoids back but misses! Hindenberg does a flying charge and knocks the alpha down! They begin to tussel and Xen moves to help Buckstar up and covers then both with his Greater Forcefield. Just then the Alpha Wolfoid hurls Hindenberg across the room and swings his vibroblade at Buckstar! The force field is depleted by the attack and Buckstar fires the Slug projector point blank into his chest! Rayquan backs this up with a tremendous mind thrust attack and the battle is won!

Buckstar claims the vibro-sword and he and the group confront the wolfoids in the garage. Buckstar shows the vibro-sword and says they can run or die. The wolfoids run out the garage doors into the forest. Searching the medical area they find a lone wolfoid who has eaten a handful of pills is tripping!!! they lead him out into the forest and he wanders off.....
Sabetha is given the vibro-sword and uses it to open the Security locker. The party gains a paralysis rod, a second 3rd stage slug projector, a paralysis dart projector, and a 3rd stage gas ejector. Items are distributed and a deal is struck with Hayseed to supply horticultural teaching to their village. he agrees and says the weather should return to normal within a day.

 Upon returning to the village of Hab-e-tat, the party are hailed as heroes! The Loo-tehn-Ant tells them that the groups that went east and south have not yet returned, and the group that went west came back wounded and less two members after being attacked by a large pack of Wolfoids.

The group has said they will wait 5 days before setting out on the trails of any non-returning groups.

end session 2

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