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More MA summer 2010 campaign journals

SO only my wife (mutant armadillo: Hindenburg) and friend Mike (Synthetic: Xen) were available for the game.

Since the group had come home to Hab-e-tat at the end of the last session we decided that the others were resting/healing or helping family in the village.

Xen and Hindenburg talk with the Loo-tehn-ant about the still missing southern party and the worsening stationary weather condition to the south.

*Since the start, I have stated that in their lifetime the southern skyline has been dominated by a stationary dark cloud storm front. Now in the past week or so it has begun to shoot lightning and look like its getting worse, yet still not moving. This is the holographics failing in the southern part of the Dome in which they live.*

Xen and Hindenburg choose to take a canoe and follow the blue river south and see if the find any trace of the lost party. They state they will not go further than one day's travel.

So heading downriver they eventually come upon a small beach and a tipped canoe. Upon further inspection they find it to be a canoe used by the lost party and looks to be abandoned. On the shore a small game trail is seen to head into the forest. Hindenburg flies up to do a little scouting and sees what looks to be a large hut deeper in the forest.
Xen beaches the canoe and the pair head inland along the game trail. Xen was programmed as a Survival Training Specialist and uses his skills to look for tracks or signs of the lost party. Of which he finds nothing but small game tracks....
Walking along the trail Hindenburg says she is going to travel on all fours to give the appearance that she is Xen's companion animal. Xen agrees and thinks this could give them an advantage in any encounters. Unknown to either PC is the fact that a pair of Jagets (mutant jaguars) are shadowing them. Xen notices a strange tree just ahead on the trail. It is the only one like it in the area and is very different, about 12' tall a dozen or so broad bladed heavy leaves grow about the trunk, and it seems to have a faint metallic sheen to the leaves. Xen picks up a rock and throws it at the tree. A dull thud sounds as the rock strikes it and it shudders and moves about upon a bunch of root tendrils! Xen calls out to it, "We mean you no harm! Can you speak?" The tree shambles towards them and begins to pick up speed! Hindenburg charges the oncoming vegetable threat. A sudden tugging at Hindenburgs brain makes her feel as though something wanted space in her head. She charges and powers her Paralysis Rod "SKRAK!" a shimmering field about the tree diffuses the effect of the rod and the tree retaliates with two blade edged metallic leaves! Also a prehensile root wearing a Shock Glove hits Hindenburg! Xen warns Hindenburg off and draws his Slug Projector, "1" UGH! the projector jams!!! Hindenburg grapples the tree and flies straight up into the air! 20ft off the ground the tree disappears from her grasp! It reappears right next to Xen! Ahh! Xen rolls away trying to avoid combat and is sliced by a bladed leaf! Hindenburg swoops in grabs Xen and flies towards the Hut she saw in the forest. The tree fires upon the fleeing PC's with a Laser! Hindenburg is hit in the back! causing them to crash through the trees they however end up just yards away from a Modular dwelling suspended 15ft above the ground in the trees. They can hear the mutant sword tree thrashing its way after them. The pair run up a ramp to a closed door on the unit.

The door to the dwelling unit does not open and has no handle, Xen looks through the windows to either side of the door and sees a strangely furnished interior but no other signs of life. Hindenburg discovers a panel beside the door with buttons and begins pushing them randomly! Roll % I said, thinking I'll give it a 5% chance she gets the door open. Wife rolls a 03%! The door opens!

Xen and Hindenburg rush inside the unit as the door slides silently shut behind them.
This is a link to a map of the dwelling unit!

Looking quickly about the living room, the pair heads towards the recreation room. Here they are boggled by the strange gadgets (a one wheeled seat with grippers!) and toys strewn about! Moving on seeking any other inhabitants they enter the bedroom area and discover this room looks to have been used recently! Hindenburg discovers a small side chamber with a water bowl! A metallic woman enters from the adjoining room, she stops looks towards Xen and says "Good day sir, I was not expecting more guests. You really shouldn't let the pet drink from there."

After talking with the Household-bot "J-00-N CLNR" they discover they are in Lodge 1 of Recreation Park. The last guests left 3 days ago and were a Man and Woman with 3 pets. This matches the description of their friends from Hab-e-tat. J-00-N prepares them a meal and they search the Unit for useful stuff. Finds include a a case of 9 goo-tubes, a Chemical sensor, A Brown (Colonist) ID card, Fire extinguisher (from Barrier Peaks, looks like a rifle), and a firestarter cube.
Xen finds the Control room just off the Learning center where they discover a "screen" that lets them see outside in all directions. The Sword Tree seems to have gone off or is hiding so they wait a couple of hours. Deciding that they should make a break for the river and canoe back home to relay what they have discovered.

As they prepare to leave, J-00-N shows them a map "pamphlet" of the area with activities marked for enjoyment. This looks remarkably like the hand drawn map they got from Loo-tehn-ant. They ask J-00-N to show them their location on the map. Outside Hindenburg flies up in the air to get a comparison of the land with the maps they have.

The dash back to the canoe is uneventful and they return to Hab-e-tat, with a lot of new information.

Session 6 7/22/10
Hindenburg (armadillo), Xen (synthetic), Sabitha (mutant Cat), Rayquan Photomat (mutant Human) decide after listening to the side adventure from last week that they will now travel to the Northern Sky Column and try to find the tribe of Dymemne & Rjakis.
Sky Column

After a days walk they stand at the base of the Sky Column. Looking about the column is about 50ft in circumference. Xen discovers a control panel with a slot and green colored square on it. The group made a stop at the Environmental Control Center and got HCD "Hayseed" to loan them a green ID bracelet. Use of it opens a hidden door on the side of the column to the "moving room"! Once inside and the doors have closed Xen presses a random button on the interior panel. They get a sensation of sinking and moments later the doors open upon a dimly lit hall (If you have Barrier Peaks see illustration #2) the party decides to go down a hallway to the left. Other than a buzzing hum they group hears a distant sound of metal banging/tapping on metal.

Unknown to the party, a lone scruffy human watches them from the overhead pipes and rafters. (This is the new character to replace Buckstar. His name is Ollopa, and is the last survivor of his pod of scavengers. He grew up in the maintenance tunnels with his family and has never known anything but this. He has ended up here by chance.) Silently Ollopa crawls along the ceiling pipes following these new lifeforms.

The party sees many doors along the hall as they walk, and all have the panel they are coming so used to beside them. However most have a Red square on them but 3 are seen to have a Brown square. Hindenburg remembers she has a Brown ID card from the Forest house and gives it to Xen to try on the door. Xen stands by the panel as Sabitha and Hindenburg prepare to rush in, Rayquan stands back to act as lookout. The door opens and a puff of spores billows out all over Sabitha and Hindenburg! Xen swipes the card again to get the door to shut, the room beyond is filled with a quivering brown mold!

Sabitha and Hindenburg (fail saves and begin to hallucinate) see the mold spill out and devour Xen! Sabitha (phobia of plants) sees Xen morp into a brown Swamp thing type creature! She hisses backs against the far wall and raises her force screen mutation! Hindenburg rolls into a ball and activates her damage reduction mutation! Xen and rayquan cannot get either of them to respond, when suddenly a scruffy human in a dirty coverall jumpsuit drops from the ceiling and offers a handful of purple leaves to them. "Your creatures need to chew these or they will die of the visions." Both Rayquan and Xen look at the stranger. The coverall bears the marking "Maintenance 18" on the chest and on the sleeve it show a blue ball bisected by a silver oval with the word Warden across the bottom. "Who are you?" asks Xen. "I am Ollopa, your animals must eat this." Rayquan steps up, "Where are you from? Here on this Level ?"
"No, I am from below. I am a War-den of the Main-tan-antz. Please I beg of you the brown mold is known to my people, take this and save your creatures." After a few attempts to get the resisting animals to eat the leaves fails, Ollopa begins playing a soothing tone on his flute. This calms the animals enough that they are able to get them to eat the leaves which eventually counter the hallcinatory effects.
Talking with Ollopa they discover he knows where the 2 head 4 arms live and agrees to lead the group there. They return they way they came passing the entrance tot the moving room and head down the hall to the right. Eventually they end up in area 10 on level I of the Barrier Peaks map. (this area was a vegepygmie village, but I changed it to a Orlen village. They are introduced to Jane-Jane the leader of the Orlen "Hortic" tribe where they recount the tale of the Doorway to Heaven and the fate of Rjakis and Dymemne. After much talk it is discovered that the "Hortic" tribe has been fighting a never ending battle with the violent vegepygmies that roam on this level while trying to keep the "Ponics" safe. The "Ponics" are vast rooms where the tribe has always tended the life giving vegetation they eat and use medicinally. However the recent failing of the "light-time" has been wreaking havoc. Xen suggests that the entire tribe move to Hab-e-tat and then journey to see "hayseed" the metal man, as it tends "Ponics" as well and it could be beneficial that the two tribes join. After a council Jane-Jane agrees and the tribe collects what they need to move.

Arriving in Hab-e-tat, the newcomers are welcomed and Jane-Jane gives the party a Chrome bazooka (Radiation rifle), and a Blaster rifle (barrier peaks style) as a gift. She also confirms Ollopa's story of living metal with red eyes that say "You must leave the restricted area." "Clearance has been denied, leave immediately!" when you get near a particular area on levuhl-Whon.

Meanwhile the non-moving storm front to the south of Hab-e-tat grows worse. . . . .

Session 7
 So this night's game had just Hindenburg (wife), and Rayquan in attendance for the first hour, then Ollopa joined. I decided that everyone else was busy with other tasks in the village and helping the Orlens move in. Rayquan and Hindenburg are out hunting in the woods when they see the Loo-tehn-ant talking to a tree?!?!? Sneaking closer they hear him say, "I don't have much longer and Xen has lost his memory core." The tree is heard to respond in a tinny hollow voice,"Meet us tomorrow at the meeting place, we have a new core for you." The PC's are very bewildered and suspicious now. They decide to trail the Loo-tehn-ant on the following day.

They follow the Lt. west across the Ranger river and south west towards to the edge of the blasted lands. Where they witness the Lt. meet 3 younger identical brothers of the PC Xen. Rayquan begins quizzing me on how much the Lt. resembles Xen etc. and I say yeah now that you guys think about it! They overhear the 3 Xen's ask Lt. how things are going as they hand him a crystal cube about the size of a golfball. Lt. says "The Orlens are peaceful and should be easily manipulated into warring on the Wolfen. His prize students (the PC's) are doing well bringing him more intel on the Dome. Any village mutants deemed too powerful are sent on "missions" from which he knows they won't return. " The 3 Xens reply that if the Orlens get out of control they are to be poisoned with radiation. At this the PC's decide to high tail it back to the village. All kinds of conspiracy plots start between Rayquan and Hindenburg. They decide to get together with Ollopa (who arrived now) and Jane-Jane the leader of the Orlen. Revealing all they know a plan to sneak into the Lt.'s hut and find the "cube" is hatched. The plan works and they steal the cube take it to Hayseed and ask what it is. Hayseed reveals it is a Data cube and holds information, or "memories". They ask if he has anymore of these and can he copy it? Yes and Yes, hayseed makes them a copy. The Pc's return the original to the Hut. They decide to go night fishing on the lake with Jane-Jane. This is a cover story so they can talk without being spied on. While sitting in a canoe talking about what is going on, a large object splashes down in the lake! it is large (car size) sparking and hot! it begins to sink, so with rope, mental mutations and a bit of luck they drag it ashore! realizing it is some sort of Tech artifact from the sky they look up! The night sky reveals a large flickering star! Hindenburg flies up into the sky! She says she wants to go as high as she can! She of course hits the holograoic ceiling! And discovers a "Hole" in the sky! The group decides to hide the artifact by sinking it in the lake and setting out immediately for the Northern Sky Column. The reasoning is, if the Orlens lived below their world, perhaps someone or something lives above! And if the sky is falling maybe this has some thing to do with the storms in the south!

So ended Session 7

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