Thursday, April 3, 2014

Metamorphosis Alpha Returns!

INFO UPDATE! 4/20/14
see ** below.
So, there has been a bit of cool activity in the Gaming World for MA. I see this blog still gets a hit or two so I thought I should throw this up for people who may not know:

Goodman Games, the makers of Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG, have Kickstarter going right now to bring out an Awesome Big ol' Book of Metamorphosis Alpha 1e  goodness! They are also going to produce 4 modules (the first of which is pictured above) made in the DCC style!

**This Kickstarter is really going great: If you ump on at the $80 level not only do you get the oversized deluxe Hardcover but you also get:
Hardcover backers ($80 level+):
--------------------------------------Original Metamorphosis Alpha Rulebook .pdf
- GM Screen
- Starship Warden Deck Plans poster map
- Monster & Device Guide (32 pgs.)
- New Adventure in DCC format
- 6d6 radiation-theme custom dice
- Illustrated Player Handouts (16+ pgs)

And they are very close to breaking the next stretch goal. If you were holding out I would say now is the time!
If this interests you at all, get over to that kickstarter and get in on this!

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