Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Metamorphosis Alpha Stretch Goals have arrived!

Well Mutants and Humanoids, things just got AWESOME! The Stretch Goals arrived at my door this evening and man I am overwhelmed with great stuff!
The address label on the box itself is terrific and worthy of being saved alone. Then you open it and BAM!
The Warden Armory! I won't ever need another weapon book for this game again.
The Mutation Manual, mind boggling contents in this one!
The GM Screen, is an absolute godsend. The charts for the Gas Ejector and Protein Disruptor alone make this a must have item!
Creatures & Gadgets, so many things to kill PC's with! Hee Hee!!
What are the Prisoners of Rec-Loc-119? Just glancing through this adventure and I can see that everyone will enjoy the Charlton Heston nod here!
The Captain's Table, quick glance through this adventure and the 6 pages of Cargo pod contents charts alone makes this one a great addition to the game.

but wait, I have more.....
Book Of Handouts, filled with pictures to use during play or to spur a Warden Master's mind for deadly new encounters!
The Long Hard Mile, wicked little solo adventure that I will have to run myself through shortly.
The Android Underlords, another fantastic adventure that will soon devour many inhabitants of my Warden.

I'll post more soon as I dig deeper into all of it.

Thank you Jim Ward and Goodman Games!

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