Tuesday, July 7, 2015

POP Funko Robots for your RPG Game!

SO I'm not really a fan of the POP Funko big head figures, but when I saw these two I knew exactly how I could use these in my Gamma / Metamorphosis RPG and other sci-fi games!

Robot B-9 from Lost In Space, who by the way is a great stand in for the Robot that mangles PC's in the DCC module "Frozen In Time".

Then we get Robby from Forbidden Planet!

I plan to mount both of these figures onto the large 60mm Warhammer Dreadnought bases:
Once I complete the project I'll put up a few pics of the Robotic Duo assaulting puny flesh-bags! I plan on having them as War-bots for my Galacta 25 miniature battles as well.

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