Sunday, February 14, 2016

20 Minutes into the Future!

So the wife surprised me with the entire Max Headroom series on dvd for V-Day!!!
Which in turn got me thinking about the Cyberpunk game I ran in my junior/senior year in High school. Man 1987-1988, if only the Future had turned out this 80's Rad! Still we loved the crap out of this game.
This was the box set I used to have. It died many years ago due to massive use at the table. I have to thank the Max Headroom series and reading all those William Gibson books for making this game a home run with me. My first Character was a Media inspired by the Edison Carter character in the series.
When we played this game cell-phones and the Internet were still a "Futuristic" fantasy, But HK MP3's and cybernetically enhanced killers were totally awesome! I love this game but I don't think it would hold up for me now living in the "Future" for real, and it just doesn't compare to those evenings in Night City....

Anyway time to go watch Max and everyone at Network 23!


  1. Found your blog by way of a Google image search for Gamma World miniatures. My older brother (likely your age) introduced us to FNF and CP2020. Good stuff! We recreated the parking deck shootout scene from Kuffs (Christian Slater movie- the bad guy wore a t-shirt with his own face on it, ha!).

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    1. RE: Max Headroom
      Back in the 80's, when nobody had a scanner, I was in the habit of tracing pictures from magazines, and then taping the traced image to my monitor, as a template for creating computer graphics (with Deluxe Paint on my Amiga).

      Of the scores of images, that I uploaded to BBSs around the country, only one has endured into this century.

      It's my Max Headroom image, circa 1987?