Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Gamma World 2e: Sunday One-shot

Was asked to fill in for a friend, his normal 5e D&D game was down 2 of 6 players at the last minute. The remaining 4 wanted to still play something so he called me and asked if I could run something for them. I agreed to give them a taste of Gamma World!!
I quickly rolled up 7 random mutants based on some miniatures, grabbed a handful more to represent some gamma creatures and headed to the Game Shop.

I did the old Rite of Passage style adventure. Travel through the badlands, reach the Dome and return with fantastic treasures of the Ancients or die trying. The players chose their mutants and we got down to business.
Mutants Arise!
The party from left to right:
Sylin - mutant lizard
Zar - mutant ant
Uhoh -  mutant humanoid
Salutarus - mutant ivy plant
Ssharghhlughh (greg) - sentient slime
Cal-then battle!
They battled rad-ghouls, a Cal-then, a pair of spider-goats(a favorite creature from Mutant Future RPG), and lastly a gang of 6 Red Death nomads guarding the Dome ruins.
Rad-ghouls fight!
Fun was had all round, the enjoyed the less restrictive play (no worrying about actions or 5 foot steps etc.) I run my games very loose and cinematic. Tell me what you want to do, roll some dice and go!

They rode through the badlands on a solar powered harley driven by Salutarus with a claw foot tub sidecar ( greg rode in the tub), a basket on the handlebars for the lizard, and a small trailer/wagon for Zar & Uhoh.
spider-goat battle!
They loved rolling on the random items charts for gear and ancient treasures!
Red Death Nomads!
I have been told the 2 players that didn't show that night are jealous of those who got to play Gamma World! So I may get a second adventure out them. 

If you don't have one grab the Paizo Double sided map "Tech-Dungeon" it is a great Gamma world map.

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  1. Looks epic! I need to get some more phraint minis--those are cool!!