Friday, February 23, 2018

Eroc's Wasteland Garage: part 5

Pontiac Firebird & A-Team Van
I had always intended for these two to be part of a Team, but I was still thinking about a third vehicle. Then, like Hannibal always says: I love it when a plan comes together!

Never one to be satisfied, our first customer here at the Wasteland Garage returned in her Pontiac Firebird along with a Van and an El Camino. Madd Malice presented us with more than enough cans of juice to pay for the work on her Team vehicles.

Being a fan of Dr. Who the lads quickly salvaged an old dalek for the turret mounted weapons on the battle-van!
Dalek turret!
We added zip-tie armor strips and plasticard plating in strategic areas, and got to painting!

Armored up!
The El Camino was begging for some rear-facing weapons so we installed a pair of guns in the back. The same armor style from the van was carried over here as well for a cohesive look.

Dual rear-facing weapons!
Lastly we brought the Pontiac back in the garage for a little armor add-on and then gave the team a symbol across all the vehicles so you know who they belong to!

Madd Malice
Madd Malice leads her team from the Pontiac Firebird while the A-van and the El Camino cause havoc all round the course.

Anarchy in the Gaslands!!

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