Metamorphosis Alpha

  From the Metamorphosis Alpha site:

Way back in 1975, James M. Ward wrote Metamorphosis Alpha, a 32 page role-playing game of science fiction adventures based upon a lost starship. The book was published by TSR Hobbies.

This original book is now published by WardCo. and now available via RPGNow and DriveThru RPG (use the Buy Our Products link above) as well as errata.

Jim’s game has seen four editions, with a fifth edition being planned for release in late 2010 or early 2011! Check out our “What’s New?” page for more info.

While some games have become better known, Metamorphosis Alpha is the grand-daddy of all science fiction role-playing games.

 If this sounds cool to you go check out:

A new updated Hardcover version is in the works. It will be the original game including all the articles from old Dragon magazines, edited and organized into a Complete edition. I for one am looking forward to that!

Another Metamorphosis Alpha place to go:

Some things to check out if your wondering if Metamorphosis Alpha would be your cup of tea are:

The novel Non-Stop, or Starship as it was called in America. This book is cited by Mr. Ward as a definite inspiration for the RPG.
The movie Pandorum, which I thought was pretty damn cool. To me this is the Metamorphosis Alpha movie, until they actually make one.

Red Dwarf, the British sci-fi comedy series. I like this one too. Lots of great ideas for gaming, mix of character types.

The Starlost, this series could have been good given the chance it deserved. As such it is pretty lame but again I liked it a lot. The seeds for many gaming adventures are there. This one however would be my least recommended because if you are not willing to suffer through what would in this day be called utter crap then don't go here.

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