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Joining the Eroc-Verse!


With the recent advents from Goodman Games & the Kickstarter for Metamorphosis Alpha Collected Edition, there is a strong likelihood of this blog seeing a resurgence in posts as well as some serious crossover action with the site

Gamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, Star Frontiers and many others will be joining the totality that is the Eroc-Verse!!!!

Join me there, if you dare!

Feel free to swing over to the other Blog for serious DCC sci-fantasy adventures! As well as other stuff too!

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The Big Mistake....

The following is from the INTRODUCTION to D&D Gamma World RPG.

  In the fall of 2012, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, embarked on a
new series of high-energy experiments. No one knows exactly what they were attempting to do, but a little after 3 P.M. on a Thursday afternoon came the Big Mistake. Something unexpected happened,
and in the blink of an eye, many possible universes all condensed into a single reality.  In some of these universes, little had changed; it didn't make a big difference which team won the 2011 World Series, for example. In other universes, there were more important divergences:
  The Gray Emissary, who was carrying gifts of advanced technology, wasn't shot down at Roswell in 1947, the Black Death didn't devastate the known world in the 14th century, the dinosaurs didn't die out, Nikolai Tesla did conquer the world with a robot army, and so on. The Cold War went nuclear in eighty three percent of the possible universes, and in 3 percent of the possible universes, the French unloaded their entire nuclear arsenal on the town of Peshtigo, Wisconsin, because it had to be done. When reality stabilized again, an instant after the Big Mistake, the familiar Earth of the 21st century was replaced by one formed from many different realities.
  The year is now 2162 (or 151, or 32,173, or Six Monkey Slap-Slap, depending on your point of view).
It's been a hundred and fifty years since the Big Mistake, and the Earth is a very different place. The
ruins of the Ancients litter a landscape of radioactive deserts, mutated jungles, and vast, unexplored wildernesses. Strange new creatures, such as beetles the size of cars and super­ evolved badgers with Napoleonic complexes, roam the world. The survivors of humanity gather in primitive tribes or huddle in trade towns that rarely rise above the technology of the Dark Ages. Even the nature of humanity is now different, because generations of exposure to radiation, mutagens, and the debris of other realities have transformed humans into a race of mutants who have major physical alterations and potent mental abilities.

Welcome to GAMMA WORLD!

  Now I must take you back to a time not long after the Big Mistake! A scientist or mad-man to some, was desperately trying to save his reality while battling with his own merging consciousness. Using experimental technology and a bit of what some would deem sorcery (due to one of his trans-dimensional selves) he
Prof. Irving Strobian, Physicist
and pan-dimensional Wizard
would create what would be called the BETA-CHAMBER. With this one device he would claim he could separate all the conjoined realities and set things straight. However his brain, now overloaded with tachyonic vibrations from alternate timelines, as well as the musical liltings of the outer Gods caused him instead to attempt to gain ultimate power as only a multiple personality psycho science wizard could!

  Knowing the end was near for his physical form as the years of radioactive fallout and ionic atmospheric storms weaked havoc on his nervous system, he began construction upon the fabled Dura-crystal Brain Pan! It was in this device he would transfer his brain and central nervous system to be forever protected and sustained by the very chaotic dimensional energies that were the cause of his insanity.

  At the same time throughout multiple realities, groups of adventurers, heroes, mercenaries etc. were gathering to lay siege to the fortress of the mad Techo-Wizard, who now called himself Istrobian the Polytechnic!!

  In some realities the fortress was destroyed, in others it yet remains, and in yet others the battle is just being joined! Some say the BETA-CHAMBER worked and the Big Mistake was undone. The question I ask is, how would we know?

**The Beta-Chamber and the mad Techno-Wizard appear in DCC Chapter 16: The trouble with Istrobian,  over at

Fallout fan video

Just found this, pretty cool!
Check out more on you tube!

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Making my brain boil....

I love it when someone does something with gaming stuff that I have to and it makes me think, HOLY CRAP that's awesome!

 Well over at

  More cool Antares stuff:

There is a WHOLE Lot of Awesome in those posts. It got me thinking about a Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Starships and Spacemen X-over RPG campaign!!!!!  Oh someday I'll have to make this happen.

Revolt on Antares is really cool too!  If you don't know it is a TSR mini-game from the mid 80's. This one
and SAGA age of Heroes were my favorites. It has bad-ass artwork inside as well. Jeff had a great idea to about enlarging this game and the counters so you could play it like normal sized board game.

 As things strike me, I'll add them to this post for later Brain-boiling action!

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MA 2010 summer campaign ends?

Session 8
So the party reaches the Sky Column opens the elevator doors and try the buttons on the panel to hopefully go up! (Tonight all PC's are present except Xen, which actually works out.) So first try they end up on sub-level 2, Ollopa says this is where he came from! They try again and after a 10min. ride the doors open to reveal a dimly lit metal cavernous room! See Barrier Peaks illustration #17. They step out of the elevator and look around, Sabetha hears scratching of claws on metal in the darkness and breaks off after it! The rest of the group is like NO! but she runs off. as they set off after her see barrier peaks illustration on page 9 of the module (intellect devourer trailing party) moments later they find Sabetha in a melee with the Brain creature! the party waits till Sabetha is knocked prone and unleash with a fishing cast-net from hindenburg, a laser blast from Ollopa, and a spear from Rayquan! The Intellect D. replies with MIND THRUST on the group! they all take dmg. xcept Rayquan! Rayquan responds with his own mental attacks! The laser blast destroyed the net, and Hindenburg uses a chrome Barbarella gun (fire extinguisher) on the foe! Ollopa helps Sabetha away from the battle! The Intellect D. uses the cloud of CO2 gas to run off! A game of cat and mouse begins as the party tries to get back to the elevator without being killed by the Brain creature!!!!
David Trampier: Intellect devourer

They did escape and were VERY much beat up! this night ended a bit early but a great time was had by all!

Session 9
Upon returning to Hab-e-tat, a couple of things transpire:

All the players were present this evening, so the group as a whole confronts Xen and the Loo-tehn-ant with what they know.

**Also my 8yr old daughter has joined the game as a female Orlen named Katara.

Xen has been updated with the memory module and he reveals the fact that the "Dome" in which they live is failing and replacement parts must be found.
We rolled on the "Random Tech Component Name Generator" table I lifted from the Metamorphosis Alpha Forum somewhere. Sorry I can't remember exactly where, I think this table is going to be included in the MA Geomorphs set if I remember correctly.

Anyhow, the Loo-tehn-ant says that he and Xen are only programmed with enough knowledge to guide the village of Hab-i-tat, to breed useful mutants to use to fight against the Wolfoids and to discover any secrets of the "Ward". Mutants deemed too powerful are sent on higher priorty missions through the Door to Hell. The needed items lie in that direction.

[The Door to Hell is the main hatchway to the transfer tube station that allows egress into the main Ship itself.]
Door to Hell
The party rested and healed. gathered food and supplies and set out for the Door to Hell. They avoided a Wolfoid hunting party and arrived at the Door. Ollopa used a grey (maintenance) bracelet to get the hatch open. Inside they found a non-functioning subway platform. Jumping down into the tubeway they started marching into "Hell". Ollopa reveals that his people live out their lives in the "Tubes" and believes that he came this way before he met the group on "levul whon". He relates that it will take about 8 sleep times before they reach the "Big Rooms" as his people call them.

After the fourth sleep time, the party is attacked by a band of pig men!The battle is fast and Ollopa kills the pig leader with a laser bolt to the face!

They finally reach a point where the Tube way is blocked by wreckage an Ollopa leads them into a smaller area called the "vents". Crawling through the "vents" they reach a grill and drop into a Vast chamber! The "big Room". The party is now on Deck 13 of the Warden, along the eastern wall of the Hull. I decided this area is a maze of cargo containers all laid out in a grid, rows a to z from north to south ans aisle 1 to 100 from east to west. Along the perimeter wall in the SW is the hatchway to the inclined plane to Deck 14 as well as small work alcoves for crew. In the center of the Deck is access to the Main elevator shaft. Also placed in the ceiling are a number of roof mounted mobile cargo lifters. Cranes that run along a rail system.

The group sets out to find the needed components, busting open a container they find a batch of freeze dried foodstuffs and take a few. Soon they come upon a group of cougaroids raiding a container. Sabetha the resident cat girl approaches and parley's. The cougaroids point them north to where lots of "useless junk" is stored. They also warn of the "Red One". The group heads north along aisle 56 to Row C. Here they find many containers have been opened and items strewn about. Xen describes what they are looking for and a hunt begins. A humming noise alerts the group and a red light is seen coming from aisle 55. A red robot floats into view (he looks like maximillian from the Black Hole) and scans the party. Xen attempts to speak to it. The robot extends his spinning blades and advances on the mutants in the party! The party unleashes a barrage of Laser, CO2, mental blast, paralysis dart, slug thrower fire at it! and then runs!!!!!

My intention is for "Max" to be a sort of Jason Vorhees of Deck 13. It is a malfunctioning Supervisory Robot that can reprogram household and general maintenance bots. "Max" now wants to eliminate all non-robotic life!!! "max" currently ignores the PC "Xen".

The End?
Since this campaign has ventured away from the locale of Kerry's EXCELLENT adventure I will continue posting the adventure in its own thread.

The PC's will be picking up on Deck 13 after they had a run in with MAX. It seems the group will be the same players so it should work out.

I have spent the last few months wrangling with the new D&D Gamma World, it is pretty cool in its own way. I look forward getting back to the Warden.

In the meantime keep an eye out for the return of my Summer Campaign on the Warden!

As is common with gaming groups, this game never continued. Maybe someday we will discover the fate of those lost on Deck 13.

More MA summer 2010 campaign journals

SO only my wife (mutant armadillo: Hindenburg) and friend Mike (Synthetic: Xen) were available for the game.

Since the group had come home to Hab-e-tat at the end of the last session we decided that the others were resting/healing or helping family in the village.

Xen and Hindenburg talk with the Loo-tehn-ant about the still missing southern party and the worsening stationary weather condition to the south.

*Since the start, I have stated that in their lifetime the southern skyline has been dominated by a stationary dark cloud storm front. Now in the past week or so it has begun to shoot lightning and look like its getting worse, yet still not moving. This is the holographics failing in the southern part of the Dome in which they live.*

Xen and Hindenburg choose to take a canoe and follow the blue river south and see if the find any trace of the lost party. They state they will not go further than one day's travel.

So heading downriver they eventually come upon a small beach and a tipped canoe. Upon further inspection they find it to be a canoe used by the lost party and looks to be abandoned. On the shore a small game trail is seen to head into the forest. Hindenburg flies up to do a little scouting and sees what looks to be a large hut deeper in the forest.
Xen beaches the canoe and the pair head inland along the game trail. Xen was programmed as a Survival Training Specialist and uses his skills to look for tracks or signs of the lost party. Of which he finds nothing but small game tracks....
Walking along the trail Hindenburg says she is going to travel on all fours to give the appearance that she is Xen's companion animal. Xen agrees and thinks this could give them an advantage in any encounters. Unknown to either PC is the fact that a pair of Jagets (mutant jaguars) are shadowing them. Xen notices a strange tree just ahead on the trail. It is the only one like it in the area and is very different, about 12' tall a dozen or so broad bladed heavy leaves grow about the trunk, and it seems to have a faint metallic sheen to the leaves. Xen picks up a rock and throws it at the tree. A dull thud sounds as the rock strikes it and it shudders and moves about upon a bunch of root tendrils! Xen calls out to it, "We mean you no harm! Can you speak?" The tree shambles towards them and begins to pick up speed! Hindenburg charges the oncoming vegetable threat. A sudden tugging at Hindenburgs brain makes her feel as though something wanted space in her head. She charges and powers her Paralysis Rod "SKRAK!" a shimmering field about the tree diffuses the effect of the rod and the tree retaliates with two blade edged metallic leaves! Also a prehensile root wearing a Shock Glove hits Hindenburg! Xen warns Hindenburg off and draws his Slug Projector, "1" UGH! the projector jams!!! Hindenburg grapples the tree and flies straight up into the air! 20ft off the ground the tree disappears from her grasp! It reappears right next to Xen! Ahh! Xen rolls away trying to avoid combat and is sliced by a bladed leaf! Hindenburg swoops in grabs Xen and flies towards the Hut she saw in the forest. The tree fires upon the fleeing PC's with a Laser! Hindenburg is hit in the back! causing them to crash through the trees they however end up just yards away from a Modular dwelling suspended 15ft above the ground in the trees. They can hear the mutant sword tree thrashing its way after them. The pair run up a ramp to a closed door on the unit.

The door to the dwelling unit does not open and has no handle, Xen looks through the windows to either side of the door and sees a strangely furnished interior but no other signs of life. Hindenburg discovers a panel beside the door with buttons and begins pushing them randomly! Roll % I said, thinking I'll give it a 5% chance she gets the door open. Wife rolls a 03%! The door opens!

Xen and Hindenburg rush inside the unit as the door slides silently shut behind them.
This is a link to a map of the dwelling unit!

Looking quickly about the living room, the pair heads towards the recreation room. Here they are boggled by the strange gadgets (a one wheeled seat with grippers!) and toys strewn about! Moving on seeking any other inhabitants they enter the bedroom area and discover this room looks to have been used recently! Hindenburg discovers a small side chamber with a water bowl! A metallic woman enters from the adjoining room, she stops looks towards Xen and says "Good day sir, I was not expecting more guests. You really shouldn't let the pet drink from there."

After talking with the Household-bot "J-00-N CLNR" they discover they are in Lodge 1 of Recreation Park. The last guests left 3 days ago and were a Man and Woman with 3 pets. This matches the description of their friends from Hab-e-tat. J-00-N prepares them a meal and they search the Unit for useful stuff. Finds include a a case of 9 goo-tubes, a Chemical sensor, A Brown (Colonist) ID card, Fire extinguisher (from Barrier Peaks, looks like a rifle), and a firestarter cube.
Xen finds the Control room just off the Learning center where they discover a "screen" that lets them see outside in all directions. The Sword Tree seems to have gone off or is hiding so they wait a couple of hours. Deciding that they should make a break for the river and canoe back home to relay what they have discovered.

As they prepare to leave, J-00-N shows them a map "pamphlet" of the area with activities marked for enjoyment. This looks remarkably like the hand drawn map they got from Loo-tehn-ant. They ask J-00-N to show them their location on the map. Outside Hindenburg flies up in the air to get a comparison of the land with the maps they have.

The dash back to the canoe is uneventful and they return to Hab-e-tat, with a lot of new information.

Session 6 7/22/10
Hindenburg (armadillo), Xen (synthetic), Sabitha (mutant Cat), Rayquan Photomat (mutant Human) decide after listening to the side adventure from last week that they will now travel to the Northern Sky Column and try to find the tribe of Dymemne & Rjakis.
Sky Column

After a days walk they stand at the base of the Sky Column. Looking about the column is about 50ft in circumference. Xen discovers a control panel with a slot and green colored square on it. The group made a stop at the Environmental Control Center and got HCD "Hayseed" to loan them a green ID bracelet. Use of it opens a hidden door on the side of the column to the "moving room"! Once inside and the doors have closed Xen presses a random button on the interior panel. They get a sensation of sinking and moments later the doors open upon a dimly lit hall (If you have Barrier Peaks see illustration #2) the party decides to go down a hallway to the left. Other than a buzzing hum they group hears a distant sound of metal banging/tapping on metal.

Unknown to the party, a lone scruffy human watches them from the overhead pipes and rafters. (This is the new character to replace Buckstar. His name is Ollopa, and is the last survivor of his pod of scavengers. He grew up in the maintenance tunnels with his family and has never known anything but this. He has ended up here by chance.) Silently Ollopa crawls along the ceiling pipes following these new lifeforms.

The party sees many doors along the hall as they walk, and all have the panel they are coming so used to beside them. However most have a Red square on them but 3 are seen to have a Brown square. Hindenburg remembers she has a Brown ID card from the Forest house and gives it to Xen to try on the door. Xen stands by the panel as Sabitha and Hindenburg prepare to rush in, Rayquan stands back to act as lookout. The door opens and a puff of spores billows out all over Sabitha and Hindenburg! Xen swipes the card again to get the door to shut, the room beyond is filled with a quivering brown mold!

Sabitha and Hindenburg (fail saves and begin to hallucinate) see the mold spill out and devour Xen! Sabitha (phobia of plants) sees Xen morp into a brown Swamp thing type creature! She hisses backs against the far wall and raises her force screen mutation! Hindenburg rolls into a ball and activates her damage reduction mutation! Xen and rayquan cannot get either of them to respond, when suddenly a scruffy human in a dirty coverall jumpsuit drops from the ceiling and offers a handful of purple leaves to them. "Your creatures need to chew these or they will die of the visions." Both Rayquan and Xen look at the stranger. The coverall bears the marking "Maintenance 18" on the chest and on the sleeve it show a blue ball bisected by a silver oval with the word Warden across the bottom. "Who are you?" asks Xen. "I am Ollopa, your animals must eat this." Rayquan steps up, "Where are you from? Here on this Level ?"
"No, I am from below. I am a War-den of the Main-tan-antz. Please I beg of you the brown mold is known to my people, take this and save your creatures." After a few attempts to get the resisting animals to eat the leaves fails, Ollopa begins playing a soothing tone on his flute. This calms the animals enough that they are able to get them to eat the leaves which eventually counter the hallcinatory effects.
Talking with Ollopa they discover he knows where the 2 head 4 arms live and agrees to lead the group there. They return they way they came passing the entrance tot the moving room and head down the hall to the right. Eventually they end up in area 10 on level I of the Barrier Peaks map. (this area was a vegepygmie village, but I changed it to a Orlen village. They are introduced to Jane-Jane the leader of the Orlen "Hortic" tribe where they recount the tale of the Doorway to Heaven and the fate of Rjakis and Dymemne. After much talk it is discovered that the "Hortic" tribe has been fighting a never ending battle with the violent vegepygmies that roam on this level while trying to keep the "Ponics" safe. The "Ponics" are vast rooms where the tribe has always tended the life giving vegetation they eat and use medicinally. However the recent failing of the "light-time" has been wreaking havoc. Xen suggests that the entire tribe move to Hab-e-tat and then journey to see "hayseed" the metal man, as it tends "Ponics" as well and it could be beneficial that the two tribes join. After a council Jane-Jane agrees and the tribe collects what they need to move.

Arriving in Hab-e-tat, the newcomers are welcomed and Jane-Jane gives the party a Chrome bazooka (Radiation rifle), and a Blaster rifle (barrier peaks style) as a gift. She also confirms Ollopa's story of living metal with red eyes that say "You must leave the restricted area." "Clearance has been denied, leave immediately!" when you get near a particular area on levuhl-Whon.

Meanwhile the non-moving storm front to the south of Hab-e-tat grows worse. . . . .

Session 7
 So this night's game had just Hindenburg (wife), and Rayquan in attendance for the first hour, then Ollopa joined. I decided that everyone else was busy with other tasks in the village and helping the Orlens move in. Rayquan and Hindenburg are out hunting in the woods when they see the Loo-tehn-ant talking to a tree?!?!? Sneaking closer they hear him say, "I don't have much longer and Xen has lost his memory core." The tree is heard to respond in a tinny hollow voice,"Meet us tomorrow at the meeting place, we have a new core for you." The PC's are very bewildered and suspicious now. They decide to trail the Loo-tehn-ant on the following day.

They follow the Lt. west across the Ranger river and south west towards to the edge of the blasted lands. Where they witness the Lt. meet 3 younger identical brothers of the PC Xen. Rayquan begins quizzing me on how much the Lt. resembles Xen etc. and I say yeah now that you guys think about it! They overhear the 3 Xen's ask Lt. how things are going as they hand him a crystal cube about the size of a golfball. Lt. says "The Orlens are peaceful and should be easily manipulated into warring on the Wolfen. His prize students (the PC's) are doing well bringing him more intel on the Dome. Any village mutants deemed too powerful are sent on "missions" from which he knows they won't return. " The 3 Xens reply that if the Orlens get out of control they are to be poisoned with radiation. At this the PC's decide to high tail it back to the village. All kinds of conspiracy plots start between Rayquan and Hindenburg. They decide to get together with Ollopa (who arrived now) and Jane-Jane the leader of the Orlen. Revealing all they know a plan to sneak into the Lt.'s hut and find the "cube" is hatched. The plan works and they steal the cube take it to Hayseed and ask what it is. Hayseed reveals it is a Data cube and holds information, or "memories". They ask if he has anymore of these and can he copy it? Yes and Yes, hayseed makes them a copy. The Pc's return the original to the Hut. They decide to go night fishing on the lake with Jane-Jane. This is a cover story so they can talk without being spied on. While sitting in a canoe talking about what is going on, a large object splashes down in the lake! it is large (car size) sparking and hot! it begins to sink, so with rope, mental mutations and a bit of luck they drag it ashore! realizing it is some sort of Tech artifact from the sky they look up! The night sky reveals a large flickering star! Hindenburg flies up into the sky! She says she wants to go as high as she can! She of course hits the holograoic ceiling! And discovers a "Hole" in the sky! The group decides to hide the artifact by sinking it in the lake and setting out immediately for the Northern Sky Column. The reasoning is, if the Orlens lived below their world, perhaps someone or something lives above! And if the sky is falling maybe this has some thing to do with the storms in the south!

So ended Session 7

MA summer of 2010 continues

Here is a short write up of the 3rd play session:

The party has waited 5 full days in the village resting. They decide to go and seek the party that went East. The doorway to "Heaven" interests them; they believe the lost group may have headed there.

Rayquan takes the lead and the group head east through the woods. During the noon lunch break they are hailed by a "voice from the trees" ! Looking around they see a male and female Orlen with hands outstretched. The male "speaks" without moving his lips!!! After a few minutes of talking Rayquan realizes the Orlens are telepathic!
The Orlens are called Rjakis (male), Dymemne (female). They have come to this land by way of the Sky Column and the "moving room". They have come in search of aid because their land is suffering from longer "night cycles". Their home is called "LevulWhon" and is made of Halls & Rooms.
The group believes the Orlens are from an underground bunker. They ask the Orlens to join them in a search for the missing party and then they will help the Orlens with their problem. The Orlens agree and the group continues east. As camp is being made for the night Rayquan, Xen and Buckstar realize the map of "ward" they have is off. Distances are wrong, etc. But hey what do you expect from a hand drawn map that is over 50years old. The group is wary of the "Blighted wood" shown to be on the other side of the grasslands that lie just beyond their own woods.
Rayquan and Rjakis are on 3rd watch as the sun rises when a cackling noise alerts them to a large silent spider grasping and dragging of Xen! "Blakun!" cries Rayquan and the rest of the group awakens! Rayquan attempts a mind blast and discovers it is useless on the spider! Rjakis fires an arrow (1pt dmg). Buckstar gives chase and fires his Slug Projector! Blowing a leg off! Sabetha follows up with a shot from a paralytic Dart thrower! Hit! Spider is stunned for 3 rounds! (amarillo now called Hindenburg) charges the stunned spider and mauls it to death with a claw attack! Xen is roused and a search for the Blackun's lair is done.
A large web in the trees is found as well as a man-sized cocoon! This is opened carefully with the hope of finding a tribesman. A tribeswoman "Jafria" is found but very dead, clutched tightly in her hand is a "strange item" (gray ID card, engineering), also found is a portable stove (works!), a zippo lighter ( few charges left), and a case of 9 bottles of synthinol WOOHOO!
The group leaves the forest and heads east across the open fields of grasslands. Around midday they come upon the body of another tribesman "Jolo". Though wrapped in bloody bandages his wounds were grave and he died here. The party decides to stay on the outskirts of the Blighted wood and head SE towards the doorway to Heaven.

So ends Session 3.

 The night passes by uneventful, strange glowing wispy lights are seen in the Blighted wood! Morning comes and the party sets out east:
Buckstar - pure human
Sabetha - mutated bipedal cat girl
Hindenburg - mutated armadillo
Rayquan Photomat - mutant human
Xen - Synthetic

2 NPC friends - Rjakis & Dymemne the Orlen couple. In MA1e these would be Humanoid #5 in the creature listings.

They reach the Doorway around noon, it looks like a metal archway with a door in it sitting in the middle of the grassland maybe a 1/4 mile south of the Blighted Wood. A few miles in the distance beyond the arched doorway they see the crystal spires of what can only be a "city" of the Ancients! Xen decides to bypass the Arch and head out across the grasslands to the city. "I want to meet the Gods" he says! Rayquan and the rest of the group gather in front of the "door to Heaven" and Rayquan knocks on it!. At this point Xen discovers there is an invisible barrier preventing him from traveling past the "doorway" to the city beyond! "There must be a test, before we meet the Ancients." says Rayquan.
Taking a closer look at the Archway the group sees it is quite overgrown by a patch of vines. Rayquan steps forward to pull them away from the doorway and is promptly ATTACKED! A poisonous "grabber" vine! wraps itself about his arms! Fail save vs. Poison! Paralysis sets in!Sabetha's plant phobia kicks in and she runs off, Buckstar draws forth his powerful "Sunsword" and slices Rayquan free and drags him away from the vines! Hindenburg rushes up and swiftly tears the remaining "grabber" vines to shreds with her claws! The main body of the "grabber remains perched atop the Arch a few vines quivering! Xen takes the "zippo" from Rayquan and lights a ball of dried grass weed he has impaled on the end of his spear and uses this to burn the mutant plant! Sabetha returns once the plant is dead.
A few minutes later Rayquan is feeling better and the group studies the Archway in depth. The discover a small rectangular slot on the right side. Rayquan asks Buckstar for the Gray card they found on Jafria. Buckstar steps up and slides it into the slot......
A low humming sound emanates from the arch and the door begins to open, at first it is pitch black beyond... the group as a whole leans forward peering into the blackness. . . when . . bzzz . .click! They are all momentarily blinded by the bright white light of Heaven! Blinking they see a stark white entry hall with a small doorway leading to a second chamber which itself contains a doorway to a third chamber which from there they see a closed doorway seemingly made of white light! A soft melodious voice beckons them inward! They decide as a whole to enter the white hall!
The doorway to Heaven closes behind them and the entire group crowds the 10x10 first chamber. Hindenburg notices that a body lies just inside the doorway in the 2nd chamber and peeks in to look at it, meanwhile Xen has discovered a talking/vision wall on the left hand side of the 1st chamber. He sees a woman that begins to beckon to the party and regale them with the wonders of the "Sohni kroncom!" Buckstar realizes there is a matching vision wall on the right side and touches it! It blazes to life showing a scene of the Ancients in all their glory moving about a vast chamber carrying backpacks and getting inside cylinders that rise into the sky! Xen, now sees a man drinking from a red cylinder and smiling! Rayquan cries out, as the vision wall before Buckstar changes to show the flying cylinder in a night sky meeting a "Shut-tal"! Rayquan says perhaps the "Shut-tal" is the true way to meet the Ancients and this is the way to get to it! everyone is very excited when Hindenburg reveals the body from the next room! It is another of their missing tribesmen, his name is Jale an orange haired mutant of superior strength. He is cold, and dead at least a few days. There however is no sign of wounding upon him. It is decided that Buckstar should see if the Door can be reopened to the Ward and Jales body is placed outside in the grass. This completed and the 1st chamber sealed again the group as a whole steps through the inner doorway into chamber 2. A crystal blue door slides down blocking their retreat back into the 1st chamber. A vision wall comes to life in here showing strange symbols and lights, even Xen says he really doesn't "get" what they mean. A soft melodious male voice talks for a moment and then everyone feels tingly all over! They decide to move into the 3rd and last chamber and check the doorway of white light. Upon the group entering this last room a door seals them off from chamber 2. The door of light seems to be a clear door lit from the other side and nothing can be seen beyond! However in this 3rd chamber hanging from racks to the left and right are silver suits of the Ancients! "Shut-tal Pihlott" cries Rayquan! and begins to take off his buckskins in favour of the silver garment! He cuts a hole in it for his tail, Xen, Buckstar, and Sabetha follow suit! The Orlen couple remark that they have never been in a place like this before! A stern womans voice is heard in the room and the lights go all Red! after about ten seconds the lights go Yellow! everyone is very nervous! "the ancients have been angered!" says Xen. Then the lights go Green, the white light beyond the door goes out! there is a loud hissing noise, the room starts to become very cold! As the door slides up and utter blackness is revealed beyond at the same time as explosive decompression takes the group by surprise!!!!!

Save vs. DEATH all around! Those who make it have grabbed something to keep from being sucked out, failures are going out the door! Those who made it are allowed a d20 roll equal to or less than Dex to grab someone who is going out the door! Clatter! Clatter!

Rjakis and Dymemne, as well as Buckstar fling off into the void! All the while Xen and Hindenburg have activated their greater forcefield mutations in hopes it will save what remains of the party! Rayquan makes an Int roll for his studies of the ancient "Shut-Tal" manuals back in the village and finds a red lever behind a small panel that he pulls on and causes the Door to heaven to close! The remaining 4 party members have suffered 2d10 dmg apiece as well as the loss anywhere from 1-3 CON points! But they live! all the doors open behind them and they scramble madly to the original entry when Rayquan realizes "Aw crap! Buckstar had the gray card key to get in here!" Xen shoots the door with his slug projector and merely scratches the paint! Rayquan ask him to shoot the wall where the Key would go. Doing so makes a hole and reveals wires and sparking circuitry! Rayquan starts jamming a spear in there in hopes to short out the door! after a few moments the Main doors do open about 2 inches and the sunlight from the Ward and the grassland can be seen! An enraged Hindenburg pushes through and with a feat of strength forces the doors open! As the group tumble out onto the grass they look up to see 4 bipedal sword armed cat-men growling at them! Sabetha steps forward and assures them the party mean no harm and want only to get away from here! The reaction roll is favorable and the cat-men allow them to leave.
As a whole the party decides to head home report what they have found, heal up and then make a trip to the Sky column to try to locate the village or Rjakis & Dymemne and let them know what became of them.

so end session 4

 So the game Thurs night July 1st ended up being cancelled, which in a way was good. It will allow me some time to work on the areas they may be entering next; most notably where does the Sky Column allow you to go? Well they know from Rjakis & Dymemne that they came out of a "moving room" from within the Sky Column, and that their land was known as "Levuhl-whon".

I have decided that each dome is an approx. 25-30 mile diameter. There is an emergency airlock (as the group has encountered as the Doorway to Heaven). There is another doorway (Doorway to Hell, on players map) that will lead to a jump tube that will take them to level 13-14 of the Warden. Also the dome itself has 3 other major areas. Level 1: this area is in the base of the dome directly beneath the environment level it contains labs, living quarters, storage and other amenities that would have been used by the scientists, techs, laborers & robots that would have worked in the Forest Dome. I am going to use the map from Barrier Peaks of Level I as a guide for myself for the layout of this area. So far I have in my head that they will meet the other peaceful Orlens of Level 1, as well as the twisted Vegypygmies! the now intelligent mutated hydroponics plants!!!
Level 2 of the dome will contain the magnetic rail trains/ travel tubes (Space 1999) that connect back to the Warden as well as to other Domes.
Lastly there is the a maintenance are at the top of the dome, Kinda like a low attic space with all the tubes pipes wiring etc. for the Holographic dome interior, simulated weather machinery, etc. Alot of this stuff is OLD and brittle, lots of danger of possibly irrepairbly harming or even destroying the Dome here!

Well more to come soon!

P.S. watch Space1999 episode: Mission of the Darians for a great MA influenced treat!

Metamorphosis Alpha 2010 campaign

In the summer of 2010 I ran a MA campaign on a lucky group of players that had no prior knowledge of the setting. Below are the posts I made about the campaign at the Metamorphosis Alpha Forums.

Also big thanks go to Kerry Jordan for his module that set off this campaign.

So this is a Fusion of MA 1e and Mutant Future rules sets. The first session was Thursday 5/27/10
Well we are off to a bumpy start, only 3 of 5 player's were present last night. But opted to "get going" any way. I loosely NPC'd the 2 missing PC's. We also started later than I wanted because of my daughter's end of the year 2nd grade homework!!! CRIPES!!

Anyhow, The party consists of the following:
1) Muant armadillo (Amarillo)
2) #Xen3366 UAC (Deimos) or "Xen" a Android
3) Pure Human "Buckstar"
NPC'd by me
4) "Sabetha" mutant cat
5) no name unkown type, as this player has yet to update me with a PC so I NPC'd it as a pure human with all 9's in stats.

The entire group are members of a village called "HabEtat" in the forested land of "Ward". The village is ruled by 2 elders and a Wise-man (shaman) who always bears the title of "LooTehnEnt". The Wise-man has some holy "relics" and "Manuuls & Tex's" that he teaches from. Buckstar has been trained to recognize different types of "Robo's" and might even be able to fix a broken one if he can find a toolkit as prohesized in the Manuul.
Xen was discovered 3 seasons ago by a hunting party near the "Doorway to Hell". He was brought back to the village as they thought he was human.Upon awakening he admitted he was an Android and the "LooTehnEnt" quickly took him under his wing. Xen had no memories and only the recollection that he knew a lot about outdoor survival and the use of non-technical weapons.

 In the past few weeks what should have been the begining of the summer season has gone horribly wrong! The weather has gotten steadily cooler and at night drops below freezing! Some of the tribes elderly and young have died! No one has ever encountered cold like this in the history of the tribe. The council decides to form 4 groups of five members apiece and send them out along the 4 great routes of North, South, East and West, in the hopes they can find aid, food, a new shelter for the tribe or some Relic of the ancients to aid them.

The LootehnEnt gives our group a map of Ward on a piece of leather, a Slug Projector with 10 shots (he shows them the "mantra of aiming" and the "prayer of un-jamming") and a set of 3 tablets called "heal Pills". He warns them to eat only 1 as more could kill you! They are chosen to go north and retrace the path taken by the founders of HabEtat when they came from the north 200 years ago and settled here in Ward.

Our intrepid explorers head out in the early morning mists and follow the Ranger river. Looking over the map they see many things they have either never been told of or heard only in whispers round the hearth fires. Around mid-day a gleam of sun off metal upriver and high in a large Willow tree grabs their attention. Upon closer inspection they see a Metal Man wrapped in vines suspended about 15ft off the ground. Buckstar remarks that if he can get a better look at it he might be able to tell what kind of service the "Robo" does. Dillo takes to the air as he can fly (psionic flight) to get a closer look from the air, Xen moves up below the Robo and tries to use his spear to saw the vines, Buckstar guards Xen with his fire ax at the ready. The 2 NPC's go in guard mode.

Animated vines burst from the ground and capture Xen, Buckstar, Human NPC, and partially wrap (1 arm free) Dillo. The Mutant cat has Phobia "mutant plants" and runs off into the woods! Lots of Str checks to busrt bonds, chopping and slicing ensue and the "grabber" plant is killed and the Robo is freed. He identifies himself as HCD43 a horticulture droid that is seeking aid in ridding the Environmental Center of an infestation of large wolves. The PC's quickly surmise that their tribes enemies the Wolfoids sound like the culprits! A lot of what HCD43 talks about makes no sense to them but the agree to help. HCD tells them they need to hurry as his battery back-up is running low and they will need his help to get into the Center without alerting the Wolves.

 HCD43 takes them to a service tunnel entrance where a "piercer" is encountered (think of a cross between a bobcat and a porcupine). Dillo tangles with the beast and makes short work of it. The arrive at a Sealed doorway and await HCD to open it.

 In this game the Starship Warden is a cross between the ship from the RPG and the Generation ship from the "TV show THE STARLOST". Essentially I have added 5 domes to each side of the Warden. Each Dome is a specific environment: Grasslands, Forest, Arctic, etc. Each Dome is 3 levels, level 1 is the actual environment, level 2 just below contains all the equipment, labs, crew stations, robots and anything that would have been needed to keep that ecosystem functioning. The 3rd level is where supply storage and transortation between other Domes and the main ship by "Jump-Tube" for personnel between Domes or "Mag-train" between Domes and Ship. Obviously not all of these will be working.

The Party will be starting in the only inhabited village in the Forest Dome. No players have any out of game knowledge that they are on a ship, they will only know they were born and raised in the village of Hab-e-tat, and the land they live and hunt on is called "The Ward" by village elders.

***Ugh*** You know nothing ever goes as planned, as you can see from Session 1, but also after the fact I realized all the things I forgot or neglected to do! The most notable for me was forgetting to describe the "radiation moss" !!!!! It completely slipped my mind I was having such a good time playing "hayseed" using my best C3PO voice and mannerisms.

Also since we are using Mutant Future as a rules basis the Android is a playable race but I am going to work in the whole "android conspiracy" as we go. I am thinking that the PC was supposed to be an updated replacement for the current Shaman (LootehnAnt) and he knows it. This is why he has taken Xen under his wing. But we will see where this goes..

 Second session:
So Player #5 arrived tonight with a Mutant Human, he has black skin, a prehensile tail, bright eyes, pituitary deformation, quickmind, and mind thrust. his name is: Rayquan Photomat

HCD43, now referred to as Hayseed, returns to the group awaiting entry to the Complex in the service tunnel. He gives each of the a "Visitor Badge" that will allow them access to the Enviro-Control Center. Hayseed is asked by the group if there is a way they can see where the Wolfoids are? Hayseed leads them to a small control room on level 2 and uses "magic" to make rooms on level 1 appear on the wall and they can see who is there. Two wolfoids are making a mess in the Barn (garage), and at least 1 is scavenging in the Medical area, the main control room camera is not working. They get Hayseed to describe how the Wolfoids got in and determine the leader carries a powerful energy sword! The party decides that they need better weapons and ask Hayseed if there are any in the complex. He says if there are they would be in the Security Locker on level 1. Using the "magic" viewing wall to locate the Security locker they see the doorway has been tampered with but not broken into. So they set out by using the stairwell to ascend to level 1 and make a bee-line to the Security locker.

The Security Locker doors are dented pretty badly and they have to manually push them apart. There is only room enough for Sabetha the cat girl to squeeze in. She describes an altar to similar to the one Hayseed used below but it has no lights! and a black metal box with a lid. Opening the box she finds it contains weird devices but a green energy field stops her from getting the items out!

The party decides to go to the main control room on level 1 and see if they can get the Green energy field turned off from there. The main control room has 3 entrances from the north, east and south. And since they couldn't see in there they decide the Wolfoids may be there! Buckstar with his 3rd stage slug projector and Xen with a spear go to the North door, Amarillo (now renamed Hindenberg) and Hayseed go to the east door, and Sabetha and Rayquan go to the Southern door. Just as Sabetha and Rayquan reach the doorway it opens and they and a Wolfoid are surprised and stare at each other for a round! Hindenberg and Hayseed open the east door, Buckstar and Xen open the north door. Inside is a large circular room, he walls are lined with lighted altars of metal and "magic" viewing walls! There are 7 Wolfoids in the chamber, 6 of them wear woven plant fibre chestplates similar to the PC's armor, and the largest carries a "Sunsword" it raises this over its head and growls "kill them all!"
A huge melee ensues! Sabetha and Rayquan take out 3 wolfoids by judicious use of bright eyes, mind thrusts, and quick shortsword and cat claw work! Hindenberg (the armadillo) charges in and critically claws 2 wolfoids down in a thrashing melee of disenboweling! Buckstar slug projectors a lone wolfoid in the back and Xen finishies it off with a critical spear thrust! The Wolfoid Alpha charges Buckstar and shears off his fibre breast plate! Buckstar fires wildly and does little damage! Xen attempts a flanking spear thrust only to be backhanded to the ground by the wolfoid! Rayquan hurls a spear at the Alpha Wolfoids back but misses! Hindenberg does a flying charge and knocks the alpha down! They begin to tussel and Xen moves to help Buckstar up and covers then both with his Greater Forcefield. Just then the Alpha Wolfoid hurls Hindenberg across the room and swings his vibroblade at Buckstar! The force field is depleted by the attack and Buckstar fires the Slug projector point blank into his chest! Rayquan backs this up with a tremendous mind thrust attack and the battle is won!

Buckstar claims the vibro-sword and he and the group confront the wolfoids in the garage. Buckstar shows the vibro-sword and says they can run or die. The wolfoids run out the garage doors into the forest. Searching the medical area they find a lone wolfoid who has eaten a handful of pills is tripping!!! they lead him out into the forest and he wanders off.....
Sabetha is given the vibro-sword and uses it to open the Security locker. The party gains a paralysis rod, a second 3rd stage slug projector, a paralysis dart projector, and a 3rd stage gas ejector. Items are distributed and a deal is struck with Hayseed to supply horticultural teaching to their village. he agrees and says the weather should return to normal within a day.

 Upon returning to the village of Hab-e-tat, the party are hailed as heroes! The Loo-tehn-Ant tells them that the groups that went east and south have not yet returned, and the group that went west came back wounded and less two members after being attacked by a large pack of Wolfoids.

The group has said they will wait 5 days before setting out on the trails of any non-returning groups.

end session 2

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Attack of the Mutants!!!!!!!!

I always wanted to order this game from my comic books back in the early 80's. However that money ended up being spent on Gamma World, Dungeons & Dragons, Micronauts and whatever else caught my eye at the store. On a whim years later I google it and WHAM!

Or here at Noble Knight:

Now I really have to save up if I want to get. $60.00 bucks!!! Yikes. It's too bad nobody has re-issued some of these games. I wouldn't want an updated version either. I want it original rules, imbalances and all the charm that comes with it. It looks like it was a blast to play too!

I admit that in early Gamma World games that little robot with the m-16 is what Security Bots looked like in my world.

I think I might have to break those little guys out again. Here is a close look:
I think it's actually a maintenance robot they armed with the gun. In a sense he is still on "clean-up" duty. He just uses a 5.56 calibur Mop!

Check out this close up of the map, I think there was a little more than just a radiation or mutagenic problem at hand!
Somebody has a couple of Labs dedicated to studying the Necronomicon! I think I feel a Gamma World one-shot coming on.

Klatuu! Barada! Nic-oooo, uh, Night-o! Ah, rumble, grumble! I said it, I said it!

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Gamma World Grenadier Miniatures

Here is a look at some of my work in progress....


The Flori-Duh, Gamma World 7e campaign

So in January 2011  I get my group together and we create a group of GW7e characters to run through the introductory adventure. Here is what they created:

Spectra  Speedster/Telekinetic
Spectra looks like an average bald guy in a comfy terry cloth HILTON Hotel robe that conceals his kevlar vest. He wields a mean Sword-staff and a Chakra. He also aquired an m-16 from the Klickies! The sleeves of the robe conceal an Ishtarian Hand Rocket and a Area 52 neural baton. Spectra can't wait to use Life Leech on the next bunch of fools who defy him and his friends!

AJAX    Electrokinetic/Yeti
He's big, furry, wears Samurai armour and the static shock will kill ya! If you get too close AJAX likes to tear you apart with his claws, or maybe a crack to the skull with his huge plumbers pipe wrench. If you are out of reach he uses a museum replica Ballista. His current combo of Jet boots, Tangler and MK1 laser pistol are just begging to get him in the mix! Crushing Gravity is waiting to be used.

Dash    fox swarm/speedster
She's so cute, and there are so many! This little anthropomorhic fox dressed like Robin Hood in green leathers likes to swarm her foes and nibble them to death! or pepper you from afar with volleys of tiny arrows! Dash has a Photon grenade tucked away for later and a Fizz Neurojack for that Athletics roll that just can't fail!

The Mutant with No-name   Hawkoid/Pyrokinetic
This flaming demonic gargoyle from the METALVERSE likes to burn his foes as he chews thier guts up with his Chainsaw Bass guitar! His Terrifying Shreik is when he makes the Bass get feedback. He is trying to convince the other members of the party that they should form the first Apocalyptic Metal Band and tour Gamma Terra! He is also looking forward to using the H11 Blaster rifle on an enemy. 2 inch smoking holes are so METAL......

This party has played through the first 3 encounters in "Trouble in Freesboro", which I have changed to "Trouble in Hillsboro" set in Hillsboro Beach Flori-Duh. This coming weekend the party will be joined by two new members and they will run afoul of bad things in the PungCo. building!

Gamma World 7thed & D&D4e

I was not a fan of D&D4e, however I love Gamma World. So when this came out end of 2010 early 2011 I eagerly tracked it all down and bought it up.
I read it, liked it and was eager to give it a go. In the next few months I picked up all the booster packs I could and the two expansions.
I really hate random packs of anything (cards, miniatures), I would have preferred them to do various Decks of Mutations and Omega Tech. However since WOC (Wizards of the Coast) made it pretty clear that this version of GW was probably going to have a short shelf life I drank the Kool-aid.

Overall I like this version of the game, Character creation being one of my favorite things and the use of the "Junk" system for trade and barter instead of using a monetary system. This version is to me very Miniature (or token) heavy, with Battle Maps and all things DnD4e.

Anyhow, I got stuck in and readied myself to run this latest version of Gamma World. I had missed Game Day that year by a month or two but decided to give Gamma World Game Day a go at my local Comic/Game shop on Sat. Feb. 26th 2011.

I would like to thank Kerry Jordan, who supplied me with some hard to get items for this event. I was prepped and ready to go! On the day I had a whopping turn out of ..... zero players. Ugh! I guess the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament kinda trumped my silly RPG. Of the 3 players who signed up none showed. I blame real life, who knows what may have befallen them, but anyway.

I did get a single player, a young kid from the Yu-gi-oh tournament that was going on as I was setting up.
He was interested in how you make up the characters and asked about the different dice.

If that's all you got to work with, you mold 'em! So we rolled up a character for him, he got Radioactive Android. He seemed excited by this as his response was "YEAH!" when I said he rolled Android.

He named himself MODEL X-J3, chose light armor and a shield. For weapons he went with a sword and a throwing axe. Besides his explorer kit I gave him the D4+1 rolls on the junk table as well. He got a tube of Super-crazy glue, a wool cap, 6 pack of Sludge cola, a Whiteboard, and a Canoe.

We started off in the Parking garage map. I told him his systems had just come back on-line after an undetermined amount of downtime. He could only see a 3 sq area around himself and was surrounded by the equipment and junk listed on his character sheet.  He quickly asked if he could assemble some type of light giving device? Like what I said.... He proceeded to the nearest parked car and tore stuffing from the seats, stuffed it in a tin can and set it alight with his flint & Steel.

COOL! Clearly thinking outside the box is no problem for this kid! OK, I say but you hear skittering noises and see two dark shapes moving about in the flickering shadows! He rolls his makeshift torch out into the center of the garage and sees the two cockroachoids take cover behind other vehicles! He can now see the exit ramp as well. "I DO NOT want to fight those things alone, I'll head for the ramp out of here." After finding the ramp blocked by a closed and locked gate and the Klickies closing in behind him he activates his Omega-Tech, the Chameleon Shield and goes "Predator". He sees the klickies are scavengers and ends up trading his bedroll for a Kaliedescope and gets the Klickies to help him open the gate. I reminded him that unlike a Video game, you do not have to fight and kill everyone/thing you meet.

Emerging above ground to find himself in the ruins of a Shopping complex that is now surrounded by swamp he decides the canoe is pretty useful. A sudden beeping noise gets his attention as a lone electro-bot approaches and says "Unknown unit, identify!", X-J3 decides to fast draw his throwing axe and destroy this bot! A quick battle ensues with X-J3 suffering a slight elctro-jolt before he smashes the bot! Using his whiteboard as a paddle he heads off into the swamp in the direction he thinks the residential areas would have been.

After a few miles of swamp paddling he sees a flock of bright red birds in a tree...moving in for a closer look the flock takes flight and try to radiate him to no avail.... He decides fighting the birds would be a moot point and chooses instead to  fell their tree with his axe!!! He finds a football in the nest...  "For a post apocalypse game the treasure is sure weird." He says, "But I guess I'll keep it."

A few miles on he comes upon a village of swamp people having a bar-b-q. He approaches and asks if they can direct him to more civilization. "Where you been son, under a rock?" asks a swamp-billy. "You could say that." he responds.....  He joins the swamp-billys for Bar-b-Q and gives the football to the swamp-children after showing them how to play! The swamp-billy elder gives him a grappling hook and tell him he's the kindest feller ever came out of the swamp. The swamp-billys point our Hero eastward and away he paddles....

eventually he leave the swamp and is travelling along a canal that opens into the intercoastal waterway (our game is taking place in Gamma Florida by the way) where he sees the reamins of ancient ships and boats. Ahead he sees a coastal village with signs of life and heads towards it. A guard in a watch tower from the village begins to wave at him frantically. Looking closer he sees the guard is pointing at him, Xj3 looks behind himself in time to see something approaching his canoe just below  the surface!!!!  A Fen leaps out of the water stabbing Xj3 with his sword spear and disappears below the surface! "I am waterproof aren't I?"  Of course I say.  Xj3 dives into the water and gives the Fen a taste of Radiation eyes!!!!  The Fen scores a "20" to hit and brigs our Hero to below bloodied! His max HP was 38. Xj3 uses his second wind, avoids a hit, then gives the Fen a machine grip! Dispatching the Fen Xj3 climbs back aboard his canoe and paddle to the coastal village. He pays his mooring fee with a canteen, gets a cot for the night at the flop house for the wool cap. And trades his 6-pack to a boat captain for a 20lb dumbbell.  The whole no money thing is not stopping this kid at all.  The boat captain asks if he is interested in a job as it looks like he could be handy in fight and such. Sure says Xj3 what do you have in mind?

There's tale of a secret bunker full of O-tech on P-nut Isle, but that is in the middle of Fen spawning grounds. Dangerous, but possible if we are sneaky.....

Xj3 says, "I'm game lets do it!"

At this point his mom showed up and he had to go, but asked if this game might be a purchase in his future. She said they could talk about it.

If nothing else, I feel I opened his eyes up to world of gaming he didn't know existed and allowed him to use his CLEARLY already existing ability to think on his feet and do things in a "game" that were never possible in Video-games, or the CCG's he has played before.

After this I tried out the game on my friends, which I will talk about in upcoming posts. I hate that this version of the game is no longer for sale as it has soured my enthusiasm for trying to run it again in a public setting. It kind of sucks for the new player and the Game shop when they can't have the item to sell.

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My friend Mark

 One of my oldest friends Mark, GM'ed Gamma world in a way I had never encountered before. The first time I played Gamma World with him (1987) he put a single sheet of graph paper on the table in front of me. It was basically a 2d geomorph of about 4 city blocks.
Imagine a top down view of this:
 Now I had of course seen Dungeon Geomorphs before, but a ruined city! This was new to me. Mark looks at me and points to the lower left hand corner of the map and says "You wake up here, what do you do?" I look down at the map and see what I take to be a Drive-in Theater. A handful of ruined cars and the Snak-shack where my character has awakened. Well before the days of the games like Fallout 3, I find my mutated human Player character with an entire 81/2 by 11 world of unknown to explore. I just want to say that you don't always need a campaign "WORLD". Mark showed me in that instant that even a campaign neighborhood could be just as awe inspiring. It was really the first level of a dungeon when I reflect upon it now. Soon I was to discover the "lower" level or sewers that lay beneath, as well as basements and sub-basements of various structures. Let's not forget the upper stories of many of the buildings as well.

 My character never left that map and still resides there to this day. In my time exploring that single sheet of graph paper I've met a biker gang that held out in a Gas station/garage, flesh eating "crazies" from the sewers at war with gator-men holding out in the water plant. Robot controlled electrical power substation, that I stayed away from. These guys who captured me, dosed me with radiation and threw me back out on the streets with nothing.
 I had later encounters with a smaller party of them and wiped them out! I still think they watch me somehow.

 This is probably my fondest memory of Gamma World as a player. I was always excited when Mark would say he felt a Gamma World game coming on. I have more stories of Mark and his single page Gamma World maps to tell so watch out!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Metamorphosis Gamma space adventure

 This is another post about a One-Shot adventure I ran. The guys who played  "Five" and "Three" are my current players in the DCC campaign Lars and Bulls Zi!!! They stuck with me this long I must be doing something right.
I think I ran this sometime in '09 or '10, maybe 2011......

A few years ago I ran a single evening session using the Alternate Beginning and the Space station map from the Albuquerque Starport mini-module that comes with the Gamma World 2nd ed. DM screen.

I had 3 players, all were human and I made them roll a D6. The D6 number was which clone they were of themselves. My idea was they might find earlier versions of themselves either dead or possibly still roaming the station completely bonkers!!! If they died the next clone in the sequence would be activated. Paranoia! RPG was played heavily by me in 1987-88.

Anyhow we ended up with:
Five, he had Small Unit repair technician.

Three, he had Ecology Technician, Weapons Officer, Transport Technician, Recreation Officer and Survival Training Specialist.

Four (my wife), she had Engine Maintenance Technician, Radiation Technician and Shuttle craft Pilot.

Our intrepid clones awoke to the sound of a slavering jawed plant trying to eat them as the cryo-tubes opened!!!! Leaping out of his tube "3" finds a fire extinguisher and proceeds to beat the jawed plant, while 5 and 4 look for anything else useful!

If you have the Space Station map at home I started them in room H in section K of the Station.

5 gets a nice piece of loose pipe and aids in the demise of the plant while 4 worked on getting the doors to the chamber open! After finding some generic crew jumpsuits to put on (AC 9) they went out into the hall. Looking out a porthole they realize they are in orbit over a planet. But what planet?!?! Is it earth, the continents don't look right.

They begin to follow the curve of the main hall towards the main bulkhead. when they spy a lone figure ahead with its back to them and knocking on the sealed bulkhead door...... approaching cautiously, 3 calls out to the man. Upon turning around the effects of severe radiation burns and space-madness reveal themselves as the maniac crewman screams and charges the party!

A few rounds with the pipe and the fire extingiusher put a squishy end to him. When searched he is found to have a Brown card and a stun pistol. The bulkhead door is found to be sealed. The party heads back along the hall towards the bulkhead at the opposite end of the deck. Midway there they find the cross hall that leads to the center of the station and head that way. Two more radiated space maddened crew attack and are stunned and then squished! The central Station hub is found to have four out of fve shuttle docking bays in working order. The fifth has been destroyed by some unknown catastrophe. The Trans-Mat bays all seem to have no power, however luggage and supply crates are scattered about the area. A quick look finds the following items:
A pair of Feldman protectors, a Nuero-stimulator and a Articulated Relaxer for 5. He comments about the abundance of sex equipment he is finding?!?!?
 3 finds a few light-sticks, an energy cell, and some food packs which the party devours!

4 finds a Grey card with a Gear symbol on it, which she knows is a Technical ID card. Also she finds a Ballistic nylon security vest (AC5) which she dons. 

Choosing one of the two remaining cross halls out of the central hub the group decides to find the command room or engineering so they can either call for a shuttle or power the Trans-mat and get the hell outta here!

After this I get sketchy, I know someone threw a grenade, there was an explosive decompression incident! everyone made to safety! More mutated crew were coming and an earlier version 3, 2 he was called. All scraggly haired with a beard and brandishing a slug ejector was screaming about how he was the Real "1" and such!! You know I think he threw the grenade.... anyway this never did really come to a conclusion but it sure was fun.

 This is another one I hope someday to return to. There have been a couple of failed attempts but I'll return them here someday and see if they can get off the station and back to Gamma Terra!!!!

Gamma world game from 2008-09

 This Game  was run in late '08-early '09. I am posting the write up I did on another forum again here. I have other game posts from various forums I will be re-issuing on this blog. Okay here we go!

We had already played twice when I started these posts:
2 sessions down and we are going strong.

BUCKSTAR, Pure strain Human, battle axe / chain mail / motor cycle helmet with flames on it.

SABETHA, Mutant Animal - Cat - bipedal, dark dependant, Heigtened brain talent, force field generation, density control other, fear impulse (afraid of sentient plants)

INFINITY BLITZ, Mutant Humanoid- Ultravision / H. precision / heat generation/ dual brain
Brain#1 total healing / repelling force
Brain #2 mental shield / temporal fugue

RILEY, Mutant Humanoid
chameleon Power / telekinesis / H. sense of touch

All four are refugees from a Tech 2 village recently wiped out by the Nomads from the Road Warrior. They are traveling on foot cross country to the nearest city-state. So far they have battled a pack of 5 Arks (dog-men), 5 squeekers (rat-men) in an abandoned Jiffy Lube, 10 neo-cavemen in the woods. They have just reached the City-state (basically Barter town, and YES there is a Thunderdome!!) Sabetha has been abducted by the local Duke ( a mutated Iguana with delusions of Grandeur) who is looking to hoodwink the PC's into being his Team in the Thunderdome Games against other teams from local leaders in the area!

after only a few hours within the walls of Barter town, the mutant cat was abducted by a band Hoop (mutant rabbits) slavers and taken to the slave market! The other Pc's through rumor gathering found their friend but did not have the funds to buy her back. Approached by an NPC who offered to purchase their friend if they would all compete in the Thunderdome as his "team" since his current team recently died. The players agreed, fees were discussed and so they entered the "Thunderdome". They were set loose in an old sports arena and had to fight a FRoghemoth! After much havoc the PC's emerge victorious and are presented to their true patron "Sedric" the Duke of barter town. Sedric is a mutant iguana with a bad smoking habit. Since the Pc's killed the Froghemoth he thinks they have what it takes to cross the wasteland and seek the hiding place of the "Iron Oracle". Sedric believes this Oracle will allow him to keep barter town safe from other local warlords! The Pc's accept the mission since it also brings the chance for them to loot the ruins of the wastelands where many treasures of the ancients lie in wait!

Crossing the wasteland day 1, the players encounter a the burning wreckage of a Griswald family cruiser. upon closer inspection the fire is discovered to be a ruse and albino C.H.U.D.'s (cannabilistic humanoid underground dwellers) leap out from camoflaged pits! The chud's are laid waste by the PC's, a majority fall to the vibro-blade fury of Infinity Blitz! A laser pistol is taken from the chief of the CHUD.

Day 2 the group comes upon a lone ruin and decides to stay the night. Buckstar spends a few hours monkeying around with ancient gadgets on the wall of a room (old AC unit) to no avail...he was really bummed he couldn't figure out what it was. In the basement the group uncovers a lair of giant mutant spiders!!!! a hastily thrown grenade causes much destruction spider goo and moderately harmed players who then retreated to the above ground levels to spend the night. An ancient I.D.card and a plastic poncho are found in a storage bin. The next day during travel a flight of giant dragonflies were spied in the distance.

Day 3 in the wasteland the group is assaulted by invisible attackers! the first victim is a PC's pineto (riding cactus horse). After a much confused and crazy few rounds of melee one of the attackers is slain and upon its death is revealed to be a giant flying worm!! the Pc's make a fighting withdraw as the worm is devoured by it's invisible friends!!!

This game started using the 1983 version of the rules, which I believe is considered 2nd ed. However this game is currently on hold as I have decided to change it over to using the new "Mutant Future" rules from Goblinoid games. If you like Gamma world and have not checked this out I would suggest you should.

So far the character transfer has been easy, we are working on the mutations now. Some of the mutations in Gamma world were REALLY powerful and vague. Mutant future has reigned it in and so far we are all enjoying where the switch is taking us so far.

P.S. Labyrinth Lord rocks too!

I fell really behind keeping this up to date. And as you can guess this campaign died out not long after my last update.

So here is the short version:

  The party made the trek across the wastelands to the mountains that bordered the Glow-lands. here they found the cave entrance to the Iron Oracle. Once underground they entered what became the remains of an ancient subway station, fun roleplaying interaction with a malfunctioning robot ticket booth attendant! The robot made them purchase tickets to go to strange places they never heard of and would not allow the mutant cat to enter the Platform!! A few giant spiders (Blackuns), and flesh eating beetles later they encountered Ol' Jedediah wielding his double barrel 12g and hollerin' "git out a here ya dang mutate bastards!" He chased them around but ended up getting tripped into a pool of radioactive goo! The group then began the trek along the dark tunnel to find the Iron Oracle and have since been never heard from again....

 Well I hope you enjoyed that tale, I hope someday to discover what happened and if they ever found the Iron Oracle.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gamma World 1983

The Gamma World rpg 2nd edition 1983 by TSR was my second role-playing game after having Dungeons and Dragons. In this game you have a choice of the following Character Types:

These are basically tough post apocalyptic humans.

They get the best hit points, can resist radiation pretty good and Robots will more likely stop and interact with them before attacking!

These are humans with one or more mutations making them very different from their cousins above.

With the variation on the mutation chart and a wild imagination, Humanoids can look pretty much like anything you want. We've had 4 armed humanoid with mental mutations, a guy with blue skin, a girl that looked normal but with loads of mutations, a hairy dwarf, and an albino to name a few.

These are intelligent mutated animals that have descended from their pre-holocaust stock.

Over the years we have had mutant housecats, a Gorilla, a rabbit, a tiger, a crab, rhino, a bat and probably more I have forgotten.

I suppose there are those among you who would say that is not much choice for players. However, the variation that comes in when you start mutating your Humanoid or Animal is mind-boggling!