Sunday, March 10, 2013

Attack of the Mutants!!!!!!!!

I always wanted to order this game from my comic books back in the early 80's. However that money ended up being spent on Gamma World, Dungeons & Dragons, Micronauts and whatever else caught my eye at the store. On a whim years later I google it and WHAM!

Or here at Noble Knight:

Now I really have to save up if I want to get. $60.00 bucks!!! Yikes. It's too bad nobody has re-issued some of these games. I wouldn't want an updated version either. I want it original rules, imbalances and all the charm that comes with it. It looks like it was a blast to play too!

I admit that in early Gamma World games that little robot with the m-16 is what Security Bots looked like in my world.

I think I might have to break those little guys out again. Here is a close look:
I think it's actually a maintenance robot they armed with the gun. In a sense he is still on "clean-up" duty. He just uses a 5.56 calibur Mop!

Check out this close up of the map, I think there was a little more than just a radiation or mutagenic problem at hand!
Somebody has a couple of Labs dedicated to studying the Necronomicon! I think I feel a Gamma World one-shot coming on.

Klatuu! Barada! Nic-oooo, uh, Night-o! Ah, rumble, grumble! I said it, I said it!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gamma World Grenadier Miniatures

Here is a look at some of my work in progress....


The Flori-Duh, Gamma World 7e campaign

So in January 2011  I get my group together and we create a group of GW7e characters to run through the introductory adventure. Here is what they created:

Spectra  Speedster/Telekinetic
Spectra looks like an average bald guy in a comfy terry cloth HILTON Hotel robe that conceals his kevlar vest. He wields a mean Sword-staff and a Chakra. He also aquired an m-16 from the Klickies! The sleeves of the robe conceal an Ishtarian Hand Rocket and a Area 52 neural baton. Spectra can't wait to use Life Leech on the next bunch of fools who defy him and his friends!

AJAX    Electrokinetic/Yeti
He's big, furry, wears Samurai armour and the static shock will kill ya! If you get too close AJAX likes to tear you apart with his claws, or maybe a crack to the skull with his huge plumbers pipe wrench. If you are out of reach he uses a museum replica Ballista. His current combo of Jet boots, Tangler and MK1 laser pistol are just begging to get him in the mix! Crushing Gravity is waiting to be used.

Dash    fox swarm/speedster
She's so cute, and there are so many! This little anthropomorhic fox dressed like Robin Hood in green leathers likes to swarm her foes and nibble them to death! or pepper you from afar with volleys of tiny arrows! Dash has a Photon grenade tucked away for later and a Fizz Neurojack for that Athletics roll that just can't fail!

The Mutant with No-name   Hawkoid/Pyrokinetic
This flaming demonic gargoyle from the METALVERSE likes to burn his foes as he chews thier guts up with his Chainsaw Bass guitar! His Terrifying Shreik is when he makes the Bass get feedback. He is trying to convince the other members of the party that they should form the first Apocalyptic Metal Band and tour Gamma Terra! He is also looking forward to using the H11 Blaster rifle on an enemy. 2 inch smoking holes are so METAL......

This party has played through the first 3 encounters in "Trouble in Freesboro", which I have changed to "Trouble in Hillsboro" set in Hillsboro Beach Flori-Duh. This coming weekend the party will be joined by two new members and they will run afoul of bad things in the PungCo. building!

Gamma World 7thed & D&D4e

I was not a fan of D&D4e, however I love Gamma World. So when this came out end of 2010 early 2011 I eagerly tracked it all down and bought it up.
I read it, liked it and was eager to give it a go. In the next few months I picked up all the booster packs I could and the two expansions.
I really hate random packs of anything (cards, miniatures), I would have preferred them to do various Decks of Mutations and Omega Tech. However since WOC (Wizards of the Coast) made it pretty clear that this version of GW was probably going to have a short shelf life I drank the Kool-aid.

Overall I like this version of the game, Character creation being one of my favorite things and the use of the "Junk" system for trade and barter instead of using a monetary system. This version is to me very Miniature (or token) heavy, with Battle Maps and all things DnD4e.

Anyhow, I got stuck in and readied myself to run this latest version of Gamma World. I had missed Game Day that year by a month or two but decided to give Gamma World Game Day a go at my local Comic/Game shop on Sat. Feb. 26th 2011.

I would like to thank Kerry Jordan, who supplied me with some hard to get items for this event. I was prepped and ready to go! On the day I had a whopping turn out of ..... zero players. Ugh! I guess the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament kinda trumped my silly RPG. Of the 3 players who signed up none showed. I blame real life, who knows what may have befallen them, but anyway.

I did get a single player, a young kid from the Yu-gi-oh tournament that was going on as I was setting up.
He was interested in how you make up the characters and asked about the different dice.

If that's all you got to work with, you mold 'em! So we rolled up a character for him, he got Radioactive Android. He seemed excited by this as his response was "YEAH!" when I said he rolled Android.

He named himself MODEL X-J3, chose light armor and a shield. For weapons he went with a sword and a throwing axe. Besides his explorer kit I gave him the D4+1 rolls on the junk table as well. He got a tube of Super-crazy glue, a wool cap, 6 pack of Sludge cola, a Whiteboard, and a Canoe.

We started off in the Parking garage map. I told him his systems had just come back on-line after an undetermined amount of downtime. He could only see a 3 sq area around himself and was surrounded by the equipment and junk listed on his character sheet.  He quickly asked if he could assemble some type of light giving device? Like what I said.... He proceeded to the nearest parked car and tore stuffing from the seats, stuffed it in a tin can and set it alight with his flint & Steel.

COOL! Clearly thinking outside the box is no problem for this kid! OK, I say but you hear skittering noises and see two dark shapes moving about in the flickering shadows! He rolls his makeshift torch out into the center of the garage and sees the two cockroachoids take cover behind other vehicles! He can now see the exit ramp as well. "I DO NOT want to fight those things alone, I'll head for the ramp out of here." After finding the ramp blocked by a closed and locked gate and the Klickies closing in behind him he activates his Omega-Tech, the Chameleon Shield and goes "Predator". He sees the klickies are scavengers and ends up trading his bedroll for a Kaliedescope and gets the Klickies to help him open the gate. I reminded him that unlike a Video game, you do not have to fight and kill everyone/thing you meet.

Emerging above ground to find himself in the ruins of a Shopping complex that is now surrounded by swamp he decides the canoe is pretty useful. A sudden beeping noise gets his attention as a lone electro-bot approaches and says "Unknown unit, identify!", X-J3 decides to fast draw his throwing axe and destroy this bot! A quick battle ensues with X-J3 suffering a slight elctro-jolt before he smashes the bot! Using his whiteboard as a paddle he heads off into the swamp in the direction he thinks the residential areas would have been.

After a few miles of swamp paddling he sees a flock of bright red birds in a tree...moving in for a closer look the flock takes flight and try to radiate him to no avail.... He decides fighting the birds would be a moot point and chooses instead to  fell their tree with his axe!!! He finds a football in the nest...  "For a post apocalypse game the treasure is sure weird." He says, "But I guess I'll keep it."

A few miles on he comes upon a village of swamp people having a bar-b-q. He approaches and asks if they can direct him to more civilization. "Where you been son, under a rock?" asks a swamp-billy. "You could say that." he responds.....  He joins the swamp-billys for Bar-b-Q and gives the football to the swamp-children after showing them how to play! The swamp-billy elder gives him a grappling hook and tell him he's the kindest feller ever came out of the swamp. The swamp-billys point our Hero eastward and away he paddles....

eventually he leave the swamp and is travelling along a canal that opens into the intercoastal waterway (our game is taking place in Gamma Florida by the way) where he sees the reamins of ancient ships and boats. Ahead he sees a coastal village with signs of life and heads towards it. A guard in a watch tower from the village begins to wave at him frantically. Looking closer he sees the guard is pointing at him, Xj3 looks behind himself in time to see something approaching his canoe just below  the surface!!!!  A Fen leaps out of the water stabbing Xj3 with his sword spear and disappears below the surface! "I am waterproof aren't I?"  Of course I say.  Xj3 dives into the water and gives the Fen a taste of Radiation eyes!!!!  The Fen scores a "20" to hit and brigs our Hero to below bloodied! His max HP was 38. Xj3 uses his second wind, avoids a hit, then gives the Fen a machine grip! Dispatching the Fen Xj3 climbs back aboard his canoe and paddle to the coastal village. He pays his mooring fee with a canteen, gets a cot for the night at the flop house for the wool cap. And trades his 6-pack to a boat captain for a 20lb dumbbell.  The whole no money thing is not stopping this kid at all.  The boat captain asks if he is interested in a job as it looks like he could be handy in fight and such. Sure says Xj3 what do you have in mind?

There's tale of a secret bunker full of O-tech on P-nut Isle, but that is in the middle of Fen spawning grounds. Dangerous, but possible if we are sneaky.....

Xj3 says, "I'm game lets do it!"

At this point his mom showed up and he had to go, but asked if this game might be a purchase in his future. She said they could talk about it.

If nothing else, I feel I opened his eyes up to world of gaming he didn't know existed and allowed him to use his CLEARLY already existing ability to think on his feet and do things in a "game" that were never possible in Video-games, or the CCG's he has played before.

After this I tried out the game on my friends, which I will talk about in upcoming posts. I hate that this version of the game is no longer for sale as it has soured my enthusiasm for trying to run it again in a public setting. It kind of sucks for the new player and the Game shop when they can't have the item to sell.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My friend Mark

 One of my oldest friends Mark, GM'ed Gamma world in a way I had never encountered before. The first time I played Gamma World with him (1987) he put a single sheet of graph paper on the table in front of me. It was basically a 2d geomorph of about 4 city blocks.
Imagine a top down view of this:
 Now I had of course seen Dungeon Geomorphs before, but a ruined city! This was new to me. Mark looks at me and points to the lower left hand corner of the map and says "You wake up here, what do you do?" I look down at the map and see what I take to be a Drive-in Theater. A handful of ruined cars and the Snak-shack where my character has awakened. Well before the days of the games like Fallout 3, I find my mutated human Player character with an entire 81/2 by 11 world of unknown to explore. I just want to say that you don't always need a campaign "WORLD". Mark showed me in that instant that even a campaign neighborhood could be just as awe inspiring. It was really the first level of a dungeon when I reflect upon it now. Soon I was to discover the "lower" level or sewers that lay beneath, as well as basements and sub-basements of various structures. Let's not forget the upper stories of many of the buildings as well.

 My character never left that map and still resides there to this day. In my time exploring that single sheet of graph paper I've met a biker gang that held out in a Gas station/garage, flesh eating "crazies" from the sewers at war with gator-men holding out in the water plant. Robot controlled electrical power substation, that I stayed away from. These guys who captured me, dosed me with radiation and threw me back out on the streets with nothing.
 I had later encounters with a smaller party of them and wiped them out! I still think they watch me somehow.

 This is probably my fondest memory of Gamma World as a player. I was always excited when Mark would say he felt a Gamma World game coming on. I have more stories of Mark and his single page Gamma World maps to tell so watch out!