Friday, December 12, 2014

Currently Reading:

I am currently reading this book for the third time. But this time I am reading it out loud with character voices for my 12 year old daughter. We are 3/4 through the book and she finds it truly awesome! Paul Kidd has written a really good Gamma World story here. He actually uses creatures and mutations from the 4e version of the game. He has also authored a few Greyhawk novels as well and I would suggest those as well.

Here is a link to the Amazon page:

If you want a true Gamma World novel I cannot recommend this one enough! It is available on the Kindle or if you can find a used print copy pick it up! We think you will enjoy it!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Deluxe Metamorphosis is HERE!

Beware what lies beyond this portal....
The box was huge, and needed to be to contain the awesomeness within!!!!!

The art on the shipping box itself was great, I wonder what all the mail handlers thought when looking at this.

So this is what the cover looks like, a few more pics are forthcoming. Prepare yourselves for a flood of MA goodness!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Scavenged Techno-Junk for your Players to ponder...

So I found the pics thanks to this guys site:

You can go look around there for more inspiration. Anyway in preparation for the arrival of the BIG-ASS Metamorphosis Alpha book I give you some items to confound and amuse your Pure Humans and Mutants with. These are so cool I hate to actually stat them up. I think it would be more fun to let what they are emerge in game dependent on how and what the players do with them.

The Applesauce Fire-fighter: is it weapon or a command device for EMT Robots? Who cares!
An On/Off switch, this should be fun!

The Grimm 8000: looks like a trigger though. Looks like it shoots old dishwater....

Oh wait a springy plunger button thing on top. Let's whack that a bunch and see what happens!

The Lenk-Superheat Blotorch: Have fun melting bulkheads and your friends with this one!

 The Morning Show-Beauty: whatever you decide this does, it should be AMAZING! look at all the special features.
It gets all 12 channels, UHF & VHF I hope.
Unlabeled knobs are always a bonus!
Look at the Duralloy body, and listen to the hum of the Atomic battery! Fun Mutants and Pure Humans of every Deck!

Yes friends, I take Domars, color bracelets, Duralloy triangles in trade for all of my scavenged Tech. Where did I find it all? Well now, I can't give away all my secrets. But if you help me out on a little quest I have I'm sure we can work something out.... Follow me to the moving room, say have any of you fought vegy-pygmies before?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paizo helps you out with your Metamorphosis Alpha needs!

Check out some of the things Paizo is releasing for Pathfinder. Seems to me the MA influence is all around us...

These are available now at :

Description: What mysterious creatures dwell upon this bizarre extraterrestrial craft? Paizo Publishing’s latest Pathfinder Map Pack provides stunningly crafted 5" × 8" map tiles that can be positioned to form modular, customizable spaceship chambers—whether in an abandoned wreck that serves as an unusual dungeon, or a ravaged but still functional lifeboat depositing its crew on a strange new world. Inside, you’ll find 18 richly crafted map tiles, including:
  • Breached Airlock
  • Maintenance Catwalks
  • Crew Quarters
  • Medical Chamber
  • Plasma Generators
  • Damaged Hatch
  • Dissection Lab
  • Hangar Deck
  • Command Center

This deck of item cards is slated for December!

And the Tech Deck in January!!!

And the big Flip-map, double sided Tech Dungeon!

Well that should help any budding MA game master!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

If I only had some mutant chickens, oh look!

Just in case you were wondering whatever happened to that Gamma World miniatures Kickstarter...

Well here they are:

Famine in Fargo will never be the same! These cluckers got an itch that can only be scratched by taking out your Players!

Command and special weapons Chickens!!

That's right these Hoops are lookin' to hunt some Pure Strains!

Erol Otis inspired Bug Mutants from The Legion of Gold module! Wow!

Oh and Sleestaks too!

 At $15 for each set of 3 plus shipping (from Canada), this seems like a no brainer to me. These guys could be used in standard Gamma World and Metamorphosis Alpha or any other gonzo post-apocalyptic setting! Well I think I know what is going on the list for Santa this year! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Space 1999: some of my cherished items.

Here are the few items I still have. Wish I had my toy Eagle but I destroyed it when I was a kid.

I hear there might be a collected volume of these comics coming out soon. That would be really cool.

These two ships are from the Japanese run they are small but very cool.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kickstarter Rewards!!

Got it today in the mail!!!

Can't wait to use these in a game.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Metamorphosis Alpha RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, it is coming. Very soon the MA is gonna get crazy here!!

Check out the awesomeness over at Goodman Games!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Character Sheet Blast from the Past!

Here are some characters from my folder:

Gorgon, Humanoid

Thall Joben, 1984-5ish
Crow, Humanoid
Davron, Pure Human

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Faceless Ones are coming....

Art: Jack Kirby

Trippy Faceless Androids of the Warden or Gamma Terra, you choose then attack your players with mechanical vengence!


Gamma World 2nd ed. Android Warrior
Number: 1-6   Morale: 1d6+4   Armor Class: 7    Hit Dice: 10d10   Land Speed: 12/900/36
Mental Str: 1d10+11   Int: 1d10+8   Dex:1d10+11   Ch: 1d10+11   Con: 1d10+11  Phys. Str: 1d10+11
All Androids wear Tech III armor and carry Tech III weapons.

Mutant Future: Android, Clone Neutralizer
No. Enc.: 1d4  Alignment: Neutral  Movement: 120' (40')  Armor Class: 4  Hit Dice: 50hp
Attacks: 2  Damage: by weapon  Save: L5  Morale: 10
They have Mark 2 laser pistols in their hands (6d6 dmg.) and they always attack Pure Humans on sight!

Gamma World 4e  Berserk Android  Level 6 Brute
HP: 86 bloodied: 43   Initiative: +7  AC: 18  Fort: 19  Ref: 17  Will: 18   Perception: +8
Speed: 6  Immune: poison   Resist: 10 fire, 10 radiation
Standard Actions: 
Machine Slam (physical) At-Will Attack: Melee 1 (one creature) +11 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8+8 physical dmg. (3d8+8 while bloodied) and target falls prone.
Shotgun (physical, weapon) Recharge 5-6
Attack: Ranged 5 (one creature); +11 vs. AC
Hit: 3d6+4 physical damage.
Triggered Actions:
Berserk Flailing - Encounter
Trigger: the android is first bloodied
Effect: (immediate interrupt) android uses machine slam against each enemy adjacent to it.
Auxiliary Power (healing) - Encounter
Trigger: android drops to 0hp
Effect: (immediate interrupt) android regains 10hp
STR: 19 (+7)  DEX: 18 (+7)  WIS: 11(+3)  CON: 16 (+6)  INT: 10 (+3)  CHA: 8 (+2)

Always a fan of androids surprising the PC's who thought they were humans. I used them sparingly in my younger days. I'll be sure to unleash the power of Sky-Net upon them in my up-coming adventures!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Metamorphosis Alpha with the kids!

I ran a short MA game for my Daughter and her friend. It was the first time I've actually run the game Rules As Written. Prior I have always run a MA/Gamma World/ Mutant Future mash-up.

My wife joined in at the last minute so our party consisted of:
Chuck Norris - Human - Astronaut (11 yrs old)
Unna - Mutant flying squirrel  (11 yrs old, my daughter)
Astra - Mutant Thistle bush (Wife)
Chuck Norris, Astronaut
Unna and Astra found Chuck high up in the mountains after he fell from an explosion in the sky. He was groggy and suffered memory loss from the dent in his helmet. The mutants decided to escort Chuck back to the round houses in the valley by the lake, as it is rumored that others of his ilk live or lived there.
They first run into a group of Jawed plants near the riverside that almost eat Chuck! Then a Piercer is put to sleep with the Gas Ejector that Chuck carries. An uneventful night passes in the forest.

The next day they reach the lone round-house. Chuck thinks it looks familiar and they force their way in. After a few moments a Robot HU-318 (Household Unit) approaches and apprehends Unna while stating "Unauthorized animal in Domicile!" Chuck convinces the HU-318 that the animal is his pet, and to let it go. The Robot will only comply if the animal is cleaned and penned.  After a quick sonic-shower Unna is placed in a Pet Containment Unit and then HU-318 tries to "pot" Aster, the plant wants none of this and entangles the Robots wheels with tangle vines. Chuck tries to reprogram the HU-318 and triggers the security mode. HU-318 brandishes a Stun ray pistol and fires on the Astronaut shouting "Intruder Alert!" as sparks and smoke spew out of it's clear dome head.
The Robot is eventually dismantled, and the party loots the house for some food paks, a camp stove, and 1 gray/ 2 brown ID bracelets.

The next day the party decides to head to 3 tall towers the mutants know of nearby to seek clues of the Human's origin. Halfway there they encounter a golden Bearoid in battle with a large Black One! Aster fires a thistle spine arrow to draw the mutated spiders attention away from the Bearoid. Chuck gives the spider a face full of Gas Ejector to no avail! Unna creates a force field to protect her friends and lets loose with her radiation eye-blast frying the arachnid to a crisp!

Pooh the Bearoid thanks them for their help and offers a jar of honey and info about the 3 towers. It seems by day the area is ruled by the Two-Heads tribe and by night the Bino's roam for prey! The Two-Heads can be dealt with but the Bino's are evil pure and simple!!!

Reaching the 3 towers the party is greeted by a group of blue-skinned, four-armed, two- headed mutants. The leader Jan-Jan reveals they too saw the sky explosion over the mountains and since then the Bino's have been attacking harder at night. Jan-Jan says the Sky-Column to the north is where the party should seek more of those like Chuck. After trading some fish for a Movement tracker that Jan-Jan could not figure out how to use the group returns to the round house.

The next day they cross the river and head north to the Sky-Column. Upon reaching this massive mirrored tube that reaches from the ground to the clouds in the sky above, Chuck has a flash of memory about working feverishly in a metal tunnel full of tubes and wires that were sparking and smoking.

They discover a panel on the Column and open a hidden door with the gray bracelet as a key. They entered a small white room ans began their ascent into the Sky!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Metamorphosis Alpha Returns!

INFO UPDATE! 4/20/14
see ** below.
So, there has been a bit of cool activity in the Gaming World for MA. I see this blog still gets a hit or two so I thought I should throw this up for people who may not know:

Goodman Games, the makers of Dungeon Crawl Classic RPG, have Kickstarter going right now to bring out an Awesome Big ol' Book of Metamorphosis Alpha 1e  goodness! They are also going to produce 4 modules (the first of which is pictured above) made in the DCC style!

**This Kickstarter is really going great: If you ump on at the $80 level not only do you get the oversized deluxe Hardcover but you also get:
Hardcover backers ($80 level+):
--------------------------------------Original Metamorphosis Alpha Rulebook .pdf
- GM Screen
- Starship Warden Deck Plans poster map
- Monster & Device Guide (32 pgs.)
- New Adventure in DCC format
- 6d6 radiation-theme custom dice
- Illustrated Player Handouts (16+ pgs)

And they are very close to breaking the next stretch goal. If you were holding out I would say now is the time!
If this interests you at all, get over to that kickstarter and get in on this!