Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paizo helps you out with your Metamorphosis Alpha needs!

Check out some of the things Paizo is releasing for Pathfinder. Seems to me the MA influence is all around us...

These are available now at :

Description: What mysterious creatures dwell upon this bizarre extraterrestrial craft? Paizo Publishing’s latest Pathfinder Map Pack provides stunningly crafted 5" × 8" map tiles that can be positioned to form modular, customizable spaceship chambers—whether in an abandoned wreck that serves as an unusual dungeon, or a ravaged but still functional lifeboat depositing its crew on a strange new world. Inside, you’ll find 18 richly crafted map tiles, including:
  • Breached Airlock
  • Maintenance Catwalks
  • Crew Quarters
  • Medical Chamber
  • Plasma Generators
  • Damaged Hatch
  • Dissection Lab
  • Hangar Deck
  • Command Center

This deck of item cards is slated for December!

And the Tech Deck in January!!!

And the big Flip-map, double sided Tech Dungeon!

Well that should help any budding MA game master!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

If I only had some mutant chickens, oh look!

Just in case you were wondering whatever happened to that Gamma World miniatures Kickstarter...

Well here they are:

Famine in Fargo will never be the same! These cluckers got an itch that can only be scratched by taking out your Players!

Command and special weapons Chickens!!

That's right these Hoops are lookin' to hunt some Pure Strains!

Erol Otis inspired Bug Mutants from The Legion of Gold module! Wow!

Oh and Sleestaks too!

 At $15 for each set of 3 plus shipping (from Canada), this seems like a no brainer to me. These guys could be used in standard Gamma World and Metamorphosis Alpha or any other gonzo post-apocalyptic setting! Well I think I know what is going on the list for Santa this year! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Space 1999: some of my cherished items.

Here are the few items I still have. Wish I had my toy Eagle but I destroyed it when I was a kid.

I hear there might be a collected volume of these comics coming out soon. That would be really cool.

These two ships are from the Japanese run they are small but very cool.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kickstarter Rewards!!

Got it today in the mail!!!

Can't wait to use these in a game.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Metamorphosis Alpha RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, it is coming. Very soon the MA is gonna get crazy here!!

Check out the awesomeness over at Goodman Games!