Sunday, November 9, 2014

Scavenged Techno-Junk for your Players to ponder...

So I found the pics thanks to this guys site:

You can go look around there for more inspiration. Anyway in preparation for the arrival of the BIG-ASS Metamorphosis Alpha book I give you some items to confound and amuse your Pure Humans and Mutants with. These are so cool I hate to actually stat them up. I think it would be more fun to let what they are emerge in game dependent on how and what the players do with them.

The Applesauce Fire-fighter: is it weapon or a command device for EMT Robots? Who cares!
An On/Off switch, this should be fun!

The Grimm 8000: looks like a trigger though. Looks like it shoots old dishwater....

Oh wait a springy plunger button thing on top. Let's whack that a bunch and see what happens!

The Lenk-Superheat Blotorch: Have fun melting bulkheads and your friends with this one!

 The Morning Show-Beauty: whatever you decide this does, it should be AMAZING! look at all the special features.
It gets all 12 channels, UHF & VHF I hope.
Unlabeled knobs are always a bonus!
Look at the Duralloy body, and listen to the hum of the Atomic battery! Fun Mutants and Pure Humans of every Deck!

Yes friends, I take Domars, color bracelets, Duralloy triangles in trade for all of my scavenged Tech. Where did I find it all? Well now, I can't give away all my secrets. But if you help me out on a little quest I have I'm sure we can work something out.... Follow me to the moving room, say have any of you fought vegy-pygmies before?