Saturday, October 24, 2015

Meet R.O.S.I.E. a Robot PC for players in the "know" about MA!

So lets say you are going to run a game of Metamorphosis Alpha for some new players, and you're going to use the Alternate Beginning Sequence or one where they come out of cryo-tubes etc. You want it to surprise them but one guy/gal has prior experience. What to do, what to do...

Meet R.O.S.I.E. or the Robotic Orientation Specialist & Interpersonal Educator!!!
Rosie will greet the newly awakened characters with phrases like:

"Due to an oblique angle you have been reinstated with protocol Alpha."**

"As of this time all blenders are in emergency mode."**

"Make sure your feeding tubes and barf-bags are in their upright positions."**

I created this character for my wife who has played MA before. I was running a surprise game for a group that had no knowledge of MA at all and I wanted a helpful yet confusing character for them to deal with that wasn't an NPC, so with a quick google search we created ROSIE 72.

R.O.S.I.E. is supposed to help newly awakened crew with their disorientation and mild Cryo-sickness, she reminds them of their duties and can accompany them on their adventures (like C3PO). However just like the rest of the Warden, ROSIE suffers from the "accident" and now she's not quite as helpful or sensible as she should be.

The only limits I put on her role-playing were that she could never refer to the fact they were on a ship of any kind, and any questions about equipment usage or what was happening had to be answered in weird gibberish or meaningless techno-babble. Below are some of the phrases ROSIE used on the Players when asked questions about things. **see above phrases as well.

"Please locate your carry-on in the drawer below your chamber."

"It is the far-reaching cereal notice for coral underpants."

"The current time is 0200 Centar's"

"Beware, flying darkness eats through the chambers killing indiscriminately." In response to Rosie what is beyond that door? Which by the way set a perfect mood!

"Shadow apples cast french danger worms in innocent pastures."

"Microscopic pennies invade seismic shift portals."

"Torrential cat hairs fell from bubbles in 3039."

"It's all in the angle of the shoes."

"The neutron dance."

"Pale particles of fractoids, cause inter-racial ruckus in level 3 sector 5."

"Safari peanuts pop parking lot puppies with fruity cocktail skewers, on an average basis of ten."

"Big hats made for pork fed walruses are invaluable."

"Look for Fire Stairs in peanut sauce." In response to Rosie, where should we go?

"Pink kittens in Fish suits eat chocolate pies with mittens." In response to how do I use this weapon?

"Big squirrels steal macadamia nuts. They are their favorite food." This phrase was a set-up by my wife for the introduction of our daughter who plays a mutated flying squirrel that showed up later in the game. 

At times my wife responded to the Players with beeping or whirring noises and stilted head movements. At first they were scared of her but after she helped a character not sever his own limbs with a failed Technology check on a Vibro-saw, they embraced her as part of the group. We both decided before play that ROSIE cannot allow harm to come to her charges and will always do what she can to prevent them getting hurt. Sometimes they just don't understand her verbal warnings (see phrases above). ROSIE had to use her Paralysis Wave-emitter on a pair of characters when violence broke out between them.

We hope you find ROSIE helpful in your own MA games and feel free to steal ours and let us know what she gets up to aboard your Warden.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

POP Funko Robots update!

So I have made a little progress on the POP Funko Robot project. Here is a shot of them now based and ready for painting. I have placed a couple of Galacta 25 minis next to them for scale.

So far so good, I'll post more pics when they are completed.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Epsilon City Kickstarter!

In case you didn't know this was a thing, you should check it out.

Don't miss out!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

POP Funko Robots for your RPG Game!

SO I'm not really a fan of the POP Funko big head figures, but when I saw these two I knew exactly how I could use these in my Gamma / Metamorphosis RPG and other sci-fi games!

Robot B-9 from Lost In Space, who by the way is a great stand in for the Robot that mangles PC's in the DCC module "Frozen In Time".

Then we get Robby from Forbidden Planet!

I plan to mount both of these figures onto the large 60mm Warhammer Dreadnought bases:
Once I complete the project I'll put up a few pics of the Robotic Duo assaulting puny flesh-bags! I plan on having them as War-bots for my Galacta 25 miniature battles as well.

Monday, July 6, 2015

IT Shall be REAL!!!!

So Goodman Games announced that MCC or Mutant Crawl Classics RPG will be a REAL thing!!!!

I cannot wait!

This is the Doug Kovacs art that will grace the cover of the forthcoming RPG book. You will be able to seamlessly go back and forth between this and the DCC fantasy RPG. Oh the terror I shall rain down upon those who would game with me!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Metamorphosis Alpha Creatures, or Things to Kill Adventurers with: Part 2

This time we take a look at the dreaded: CARLIN or "Flesh Tearer"

 AC: 5      Hit Points: 24
Movement: 12 / 16/ 20
Rad Res: 9       Con: 4
Men Res: 5      Str: 3
Dex: 12

Defect: none

Mutations: Heightened sense - smell

Appearance: The Carlin has bright red feathers that fade to black and then to white on the underbelly. It is a mutated version of the Cardinal that was crossed with Vulture DNA.

Normal Reaction: Carlins will fly off if spooked or caught by surprise. However if there are wounded creatures nearby the Carlins are drawn to the scent of blood. A Carlin flock will be drawn to battle sights by the scent of blood and they will attack any already wounded or freshly dead creatures.

Terrain: Any, except Arctic or Desert.

Attacking: Carlins attack in great flocks flapping pecking and scratching chaos! The serrated beak of a carlin can shear off flesh for 1d6 damage. An attacking flock inflicts from 10 - 60 D6 damage. Roll 1d6 and multiply by ten for flock size!

Procreating: As normal birds.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Metamorphosis Alpha Creatures, or Things to Kill Adventurers with: Part 1

The other day my twelve year old daughter gleefully presented me with the following creatures for our games. There is a picture for each mutated animal and a brief description as well followed by suggestions for mutations and reactions. She stated to me that she would like to have them available for others to use in their adventures. So we begin our series of creatures with:

L-24 or the dreaded "Lahb-Khatt"
 AC: 6      Hit Points: 48 (halve number for kittens)
Movement: 12 / 16/ 20
Rad Res: 15       Con: 8
Men Res: 7      Str: 6
Dex: 16

Defect: none

Mutations: GM's roll for 4 physical mutations and pick the most lethal combination of two for each Lahb-Katt encountered.

Appearance: Lahb-Khatts are the size of average tame household cats (6 -12 lbs) from which they are descended. They are encountered in groups of 2-4. There is a 2 in 6 chance that the group encountered is a female with her young. On rare occasion (1 in 12) you can encounter a single large Tom-cat of up to 25lbs. All Lahb-Katts bear the same unique fur coloring. The upper body is a black jagged pattern which fades to gray then white until reaching the red underbelly. The eyes range from startling green to gold, and at night can be seen reflecting light sources as they prowl around.

Normal Reaction: Lahb-Katts are very curious and will follow PC's, wait till they are at rest and attempt to sneak in for a kill. Lahb-Katts will work together to drag off small prey or items.

Terrain: Lahb-Katts can be found just about anywhere. Large numbers roam dark alleys in city blocks (Double standard encounter number).

Attacking: Lahb-Katts always attack with their most lethal ranged mutations first if any, followed by melee attacks. Besides any physical mutations all Lahb-Katts have razor sharp claws which they employ to great effect doing 4d6 damage. The large Tom's can do up to 8d6 damage.

Procreating: The females will mate with many Tom's and gestate the most lethal combination of mutations into 2 -3 kittens. The kittens are just as deadly as the adults and have the added bonus of being super cute.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mutant Encounter for MA1e: Aquatazons!

Are they friend or foe, let your players find out!
Pic from: Spacehunter, Adventures in the forbidden Zone 3-D
The Aquatazons or Water-women, are found in and around large bodies of salt water (Deck 15) or in flooded areas. They are a combination of Human and Dolphin DNA. There are NO males in this Mutation. The Aquatazons can reproduce with Pure Human and Mutant Males. They prefer mutants with water-born mutations.

Armor Class: 7                       Hit Points: 45
Movement: 4 land, 10 water
Radiation resistance: 13          Constitution: 12
Mental Resistance: 11             Strength: 14
Dexterity: 15

Defect: Skin Structure Change - extremely vulnerable to fire damage and cannot remain out of water for more than a few hours without drying out and dying.

Mutations: Cetacean (Mutation Manual; pg. 4) Mutant is kin to dolphins and has webbed fingers and toes allowing great swimming speeds. They also breathe through a blowhole in their head, and can hold their breath for upwards of 15 minutes in or out of water. They see underwater using echolocation.

Normal Reaction: If approached peacefully the Aqutazons can be traded with. Certain hunting parties may retreat or attack on sight depending on the situation. They prize any tech or gadgets that can be used on or underwater, especially weapons.

Attacking: Aquatazons are masters of the calm water ambush. They make use of their breath holding ability to make opponents believe they have fled or they wait just below the surface for unwary prey on a boat or shore then shoot out of the water throwing harpoons or hooked nets. They have been known to use tridents, and specially modified Slug Rifle (type 2) that fires a barbed and tethered spear!

1) Fresh water breeds of Aquatazon have been encountered elsewhere.
2) Some believe that those who accept deals of procreation with the Water-women are eaten at the deals conclusion.
3) There is an Aquatazon city at the bottom of the great sea on Deck 15.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

PA Gaming influences: Escape from New York

There are many things that have influenced my gaming over the years. But this movie definitely impacted how I played and ran my Post-apocalyptic games.
My collection
If you haven't read the novelization of the movie I would highly suggest it. Gives a bit more depth to Lee Van Cleef's character: Bob Hauk. Also you get to find out what the heck happened to "Fresno Bob"! It also covers a bit more of Snake's actual military history. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the movie, the novel is just a cool bit of added spice on an already awesome dish.

Many player's in my Gamma World games ran across the "crazies", those underground dwelling cannibals that bang on manhole covers to announce their arrival! No better treat for a GM than when you bang on a metal pole and tell everyone they hear that sound from somewhere down a dark alley, and the players scramble for a hiding spot!

Snake scouts the ruins.

So next time you're getting ready for some Post-apocalyptic gaming, add a bit of atmosphere from this movie to your setting and watch the player's start looking for a Chock full a' Nuts to hide out in!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Metamorphosis Alpha Stretch Goals have arrived!

Well Mutants and Humanoids, things just got AWESOME! The Stretch Goals arrived at my door this evening and man I am overwhelmed with great stuff!
The address label on the box itself is terrific and worthy of being saved alone. Then you open it and BAM!
The Warden Armory! I won't ever need another weapon book for this game again.
The Mutation Manual, mind boggling contents in this one!
The GM Screen, is an absolute godsend. The charts for the Gas Ejector and Protein Disruptor alone make this a must have item!
Creatures & Gadgets, so many things to kill PC's with! Hee Hee!!
What are the Prisoners of Rec-Loc-119? Just glancing through this adventure and I can see that everyone will enjoy the Charlton Heston nod here!
The Captain's Table, quick glance through this adventure and the 6 pages of Cargo pod contents charts alone makes this one a great addition to the game.

but wait, I have more.....
Book Of Handouts, filled with pictures to use during play or to spur a Warden Master's mind for deadly new encounters!
The Long Hard Mile, wicked little solo adventure that I will have to run myself through shortly.
The Android Underlords, another fantastic adventure that will soon devour many inhabitants of my Warden.

I'll post more soon as I dig deeper into all of it.

Thank you Jim Ward and Goodman Games!