Thursday, December 15, 2016

Random stuff for your Apocalypse games

Here are some items, areas, creature encounters for you Gamma World/Metamorphosis Alpha/Mutant Future etc. games:

Pictured above:
Radd Tork and his BLUE Men
This Tech 3 wielding wastelander and his companion Androids are masters of Sonic Technology. They can be found entertaining random wasteland villages with their sound-barrages! Woe be those who offend them and don’t have ear-plugs!

The Androids from Deck 3 are unstable and insane. They're composed of surplus 'materials' from decommisioned space-ships/assorted junk, provided by unscrupulous SALVAGE TEAMS and could be (most probably are) made of bulk-heads from The Event Horizion!
I'm sure we see the problem there!

The Human is actually an extra-dimensional being (posing as a Pure Strain Human), anxious to see the zany interactions that must occur!

Pictured above:
This Legendary weapon of the Ancients can dissipate a Thunder Lizard, or a host of Planetary Apes in a single shot! Or can it!?!?! Is it worth the trouble having it will bring??? Get out your best Random charts and have fun rolling up all the weird shit this thing actually does. NEVER use the same chart twice, also use the Artifact charts from the 1st ed. DMG!!!

Pictured above:
Alpha Wave Chamber
Lounging here will not only eventually heal wounds but will reverse any adverse mental effects the PC’s are suffering! However, prolonged exposure will actually begin to drain Physical stats while inducing pleasure, this effect has to be saved against or the victims will not want to leave. If they die here the remains are cleaned up by robots leaving no clue as to the vile nature of this room.....

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Metamorphosis Alpha Softcover Collectors Edition!

As much as I love my MA Hard Cover Collectors Ed. it is not table friendly for games. However, as an add-on from the MA Epsilon City Kickstarter I was able to get a softcover version which arrived today!

A total of 112 pages of pure AWESOME! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

20 Minutes into the Future!

So the wife surprised me with the entire Max Headroom series on dvd for V-Day!!!
Which in turn got me thinking about the Cyberpunk game I ran in my junior/senior year in High school. Man 1987-1988, if only the Future had turned out this 80's Rad! Still we loved the crap out of this game.
This was the box set I used to have. It died many years ago due to massive use at the table. I have to thank the Max Headroom series and reading all those William Gibson books for making this game a home run with me. My first Character was a Media inspired by the Edison Carter character in the series.
When we played this game cell-phones and the Internet were still a "Futuristic" fantasy, But HK MP3's and cybernetically enhanced killers were totally awesome! I love this game but I don't think it would hold up for me now living in the "Future" for real, and it just doesn't compare to those evenings in Night City....

Anyway time to go watch Max and everyone at Network 23!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Turbo Kid is on Netflix now!
This movie is totally worth every minute!
GO watch it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!