Thursday, June 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City arrives!!

Meant to post this a while ago. My Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City box set arrived and WOW is it AWESOME!!!

Outer box art

I always wanted MA as a kid, but I made do with the article "Alternate Beginning" from Dragon Magazine and my Gamma World box set. Now some thirty odd years later thanks to Mr. Ward & Goodman Games, I have a so much Metamorphosis Alpha stuff I just might mutate myself!

Fold out Panel, Spiral bound lay flat book.

There is so much going on in the city level alone you could play for years real time. it is beyond amazing!

Main book & bonus booklets.
Big thanks to James Ward and everyone at Goodman Games and all the Kickstarter pledges who made this happen for all of us!!

Metamorphosis Alpha Creatures, or Things to Kill Adventurers with: Part 3

This is the Third and final entry in the original trilogy of creatures my daughter created for me to use in Metamorphosis Alpha. I give you the:

 AC: 8      Hit Points: 6 - 24 (depending upon size)
Movement: 2 in water only    No. App.: 2-16
Rad Res: 18       Con: 1 - 4 ( by size)
Men Res: 3         Str: 3
Dex: 3

Stinger Tendrils: Intensity 14 paralytic Poison.

Defect: none

Bioluminosity - range 10', duration 3 hours, Mutation Manual pg. 4.

Radiated Eyes variant: The Lunartipse can store up radiation and release it bursts like a grenade. They can do this once every 4 melee rounds in a 5 yard radius. Intensity level 10.

The Lunartipse would most likely be found on Deck 15, or any large body of water.