Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Unlock the 5th Doctor & more!!

The 5th Doctor & friends plus Daleks!! All we need is one more Patron to sign up at the Okumarts Patreon site!!

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Help unlock the 4th Doctor & friends!

So close guys, join the Okumarts MeWe group and unlock these cool paper minis!!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Alpha Moonbase, in paper form!

This is a set of the Extrastellar Colonists paper minis by OKUMARTS. They were modified by another great paper mins guy "SHEP" into a set of Moonbase Alpha crew.

The Moonbase walls and Computer columns are by "SHEP".

Following in the tradition of my short camapign of FAR TREK the RPG, I am diving into a mini-campaign of the SPACE:1999 inspired game Mission Alpha RPG.

Find out more about Far Trek & the upcoming episodes of Mission Alpha over at :

In the meanwhile if the idea of super cool paper figures has grabbed you interest then you should head over to the Patreon for OKUMARTS and join up! The month of November is devoted to a PBS inspired mini-sets. The first one has already dropped and is based on the show "Are you being served?"
 Help increase the membership and we can unlock the next set of Classic Dr. Who mins, the 4th Doctor & friends!!

Go on now, get over there and pledge! It's easy, do it, DO IT!!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

A little cross post from other Blog! Tales from the Loop!

Ran my first session of Tales from the Loop RPG. Here is a link to the write-up or our first adventure!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Eroc's Wasteland Garage: Gasland's Speed Racer Version!

My 9yr old nephew spent the night this past weekend and we played Gaslands. I opted for a rules-lite version that he dubbed the "Speed Racer Game".

Rules for Speed Racer Version:

Choose 3 cool cars for your team.
Choose a single dropped weapon for each car.
Roll a D6 to see who places a car first at the start line, alternate placement until all cars are set.
Roll a D6 to see who activates first, alternate back and forth until all cars have activated. Rinse / Repeat.

Any car that gains 3+ Hazards will crash & Driver is ejected.

Driver can choose any template, but once chosen cannot be switched.

Roll 5 skid dice - Shift results can cancel any Spin/Slide/Hazard result. Any results that cannot be canceled are played out.

If you collide with any other vehicle (even a teammate) you gain a hazard on the currently activated car.

Dropped weapons cause 1 hazard. Weapons are active entire game.
*Glue/Smoke - causes 1 hazard and car loses its next activation*

Colliding with track obstacles cause 1 hazard.

The teams:

The Futurama's
My Nephews team: The Futurama's from L to R.
1) The Zoidberg - weapon: Mines
2) The Leela - weapon: Caltrops
3) The Fry - weapon: Smoke

The Checkmates
My Team: The Checkmates from L to R.
1) Queen - weapon: Caltrops
2) Knight - weapon: Mines
3) Bishop - weapon Oil slick

We made a simple figure 8 track on a 2.5ft x 6ft folding table. He said if you go off the edge of the table you are crashing into the grandstands!! The kid wants Carnage!!

The teams were placed at the Start/Finish line and we rolled for Activation! My nephew got the high roll and we were off!

In our first race Fry pulled ahead of the pack and almost won, but on his final turn to get to the finish line he rolled 3 Hazards and 2 slides on the dice!!! Fry careened into the grandstands!! He did have Zoidberg in 2nd place with 2 Hazards on him and got him across the finish line to win for the Futurama's.

Our second race saw way more carnage as he really started to get a knack for dropping weapons close enough to me that no matter what maneuver I chose I had to take the hazard from the weapon drop as well!

I lost Bishop in the first loop as he plowed through mines then slid into the granstand and crashed!! Well played Kid, well played!

In the shot below Zoidberg tried to avoid the caltrops dropped by Queen, only to have the dice serve him up a Slide he couldn't cancel! Moments after this Fry tried a wide turn around the caltrops and crashed into the grandstand himself!

We didn't finish Race #2 but Zoidberg was right on Queen's tail and it was going to be close!!

Gaslands: Speed Racer version gets a Two thumbs up from my Nephew who says he would totally play this again because he was never so excited by a "Live Action" game like this before!!

I will say that even without shifting gears/hull points etc, this quick stripped down game was still really fun and fast. Our first race lasted about 35 minutes total, and were about 20 minutes into race #2 before he had to leave.

Gaslands - Crazy, cool fun!!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Eroc's Wasteland Garage: part 5

Pontiac Firebird & A-Team Van
I had always intended for these two to be part of a Team, but I was still thinking about a third vehicle. Then, like Hannibal always says: I love it when a plan comes together!

Never one to be satisfied, our first customer here at the Wasteland Garage returned in her Pontiac Firebird along with a Van and an El Camino. Madd Malice presented us with more than enough cans of juice to pay for the work on her Team vehicles.

Being a fan of Dr. Who the lads quickly salvaged an old dalek for the turret mounted weapons on the battle-van!
Dalek turret!
We added zip-tie armor strips and plasticard plating in strategic areas, and got to painting!

Armored up!
The El Camino was begging for some rear-facing weapons so we installed a pair of guns in the back. The same armor style from the van was carried over here as well for a cohesive look.

Dual rear-facing weapons!
Lastly we brought the Pontiac back in the garage for a little armor add-on and then gave the team a symbol across all the vehicles so you know who they belong to!

Madd Malice
Madd Malice leads her team from the Pontiac Firebird while the A-van and the El Camino cause havoc all round the course.

Anarchy in the Gaslands!!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Eroc's Wasteland Garage: part 4

We really are getting a handle on things over here at the garage. Another satisfied customer for one of our custom creations just roared out of here in full throttle glory! This time we present the Spike-o-saur, for our favorite lady of the wastes "Red" Betty.

"Red" wanted us to get her car ready for picking off zombies and pedestrians so the boys got right to work.
Step 1
  We clipped out the windshield and put in some screen-mesh, drilled out the front lights and added spikes. Used Citadel Stirland Battlemire along the running boards, and gave the hull an overall coat of red paint.

step 2
Drybrushed Ironbreaker over all the metal bits, then added 5 spikes to each side just behind the cockpit. The spikes were painted black then drybrushed with the Ironbreaker. Once dried the whole car was covered with Nuln Oil.

Step 3
The car was now gone over with Typhus corrosion in all the places we thought would look cool, then followed with drybrushing of Ryza Rust. A bit a Nuln Oil was slap-dashed about once more and a bit of Ushtabi Bone was drybrushed on as well.

Step 4
The completed Spike-o-saur!

Spike-o-saur Front
Spike-o-saur Rear
There might be an Oil-slick dropper in the back end but we can neither confirm nor deny this fact.

"Red" Betty
Betty gives Eroc's Wasteland Garage a full belly "RRRAARRGGHH!"

More cars coming!!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Eroc's Wasteland Garage: part 3

The boy's have been hard at work here in the wasteland, we had a special order for a car come in from our favorite End-time's man-of-god Karl the Preacher.

Karl the Gaslands Preacher
Karl had some specific items he wanted attached to his car, most notably the dozen sticks of TNT!! He said he didn't need any guns attached just the bronze head and hands of Saint Hamish guardian of the burnt highway. We couldn't turn Karl away because he was rolling in Cans so I had the lads get stuck in.

Step 1
We added some window screen mesh for a windshield, wooden placards to the front and one on the rear bucket. Saint Hamish was attached to the roof spoiler and the TNT was attached to either side just behind the windows.

Step 1a
A string of barb-wire was wrapped around the spoiler and Saint Hamish, then everything was given a black basecoat.

step 2
The entire car was drybrushed in Ushtabi-bone, followed by a drybrush of Ironbreaker on the engine, front ram, the rear bucket and windscreen. Saint Hamish got bronzed at this point as well.

Typhus corrosion was liberally applied in the wheels, ram, engine and car itself. Follow up with Ryza rust drybrush over the corrosion areas, then lots of Nuln Oil. Highlight the wooden placards and add some Holy slogans as suggested by Karl! Oh yeah and the TNT was Jokaero orange.

 We left the rear-bucket open as I plan to add a crazed crew member in ther hurling molotov's when I get some little guys.
Mars is a Lie!
Karl the Preacher was very happy with this build, forked over the rest of the Cans then tore out of here screamin' about bringing the fury of Mother Earth down on those Martians or some nonsense...

                                Bye Karl! hope we don't see you again anytime're weird.

More antics from the Wasteland Garage coming soon!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Eroc's Wasteland Garage: part 2

Hey Boss, the '67 Pontiac Firebird is ready for your inspection.

Step 1
Step 1: the boys disassembled the car by drilling out the metal nubs underneath with a power tool, then separated the components. We snipped off the rear windshield because we have plans to put stuff back there. The chasis was scoured with a copper wire scrubby and then rubbed down with a cottonball and nail polish remover from the $1 Store to remove any decals left behind by the scrubby.

The Chasis was given a nice basecoat of Games Workshop Abaddon Black. I painted mine on because we live on a third floor and I cannot use Sprays. The car was then super-glued back together and we also glued the tires so the car will remain stationary even if the game-table is knocked or nudged.

Step 2
 Step 2: Sorting through the bits box we found a saddle bag piece from a Warhammer Fantasy Pistolier that fit perfectly in the rear window!! Our side-mounted Mini-gun is made from the barrels of a Fantasy Pistolier repeater gun glued to a trimmed down 40k power axe haft.

With the stowage and weapon glued in place these items were then also coated in the Abaddon black.

Step 3
Step 3: Ironbreaker was dry-brushed on the Mini-gun, hubcaps and the stowage barrels, Steel Legion Drab was used for the stowage blanket/tarp and then Tallarn Sand was used for the stowage straps. Reaper Ancient Bronze was used on the mini-gun as well (see below). Once dry both the Stowage & Mini-gun were given a nice wash of Nuln Oil.

The car was then dabbed with Typhus corrosion in all the areas I thought rusting would look cool. Once dry the same areas are dry-brushed with Ryza Rust to get that orange/brown rust look I also went back and dabbed Typhus corrosion on the hubcaps as well to make them look grimy.

Satisfied with this one we gave the entire car a coat of Matt-varnish (again brushed on, no sprays).

Mini-gun details

Rear details
All in all a simple yet very satisfying mod for our first car for GASLANDS! The lads are telling me they are starting work on the next car so keep your eyes on this spot.

Friday, February 2, 2018

GASLANDS! Eroc's Wasteland Garage: Part 1

So here begins my journey into the world of GASLANDS!! I picked up five Hot-Wheels cars the other day and after about a half hour of struggling with which ones to get I settled on these guys.

First batch
Top Row we have the Surf Crate, and the Ollie Rocket. Second row is the Dune-a-soar, a '67 Pontiac Firebird, and lastly the Aristo-rat. Let's break them out and talk about why I made the choices I did.

Dune-a-Soar & Ollie Rocket
The Dune-a-Soar has some great metal flanges on it looks pretty cool. I could see where I could add spikes and such on this one. Also in GASLANDS there are dune-buggy vehicle types so I want this one to fill that slot.

The Ollie-Rocket has these little housings on top of the forward rocket boosters the can easily be made into machine-guns by adding little brass rod barrel tips sticking out, and I want to put missiles/rockets on the tail fin in the back! I see this car being the most high-tech of the bunch.

Surf-crate & Aristo-rat
These two I liked because of the open engine details and the hot-rod stylings. The Aristo-rat especially was cool because it already has a low slung dozer-plate in the front and the back has an open bucket-like trunk that will be great for mounting weapons in or putting molotov hurling crew! I'm thinking these two will be my low-tech cars. lots of spikes etc.

Pontiac Firebird & A-Team Van!
The pontiac is getting good old V-8 interceptor style makeover, add a side-mounted mini-gun or some such and go! I wanted a classic muscle car and this one was a no-brainer. Lastly is the A-Team van. I actually had this sitting around waiting for the day inspiration would strike and that day is here! This one is going to get armored up and loaded to bear!

So that's it, the first six contenders in GASLANDS! arsenal. I have been rooting through my bits box and looking about the house for anything that might liven up my vehicles and have a nice little collection of items so far.

The boys in the garage say we only have a broken timing chain, and bad plugs so this should work out well!

GASLANDS! Post apocalyptic vehicular mayhem!!!

I loved Dark-Future from Games Workshop, I just never really got anyone to play it with me more than a couple of times. There are rumblings that GW may bring this back in some form or other. If they do I hope they do the models of the cars and the gang figures like they used to, because I will use them for GASLANDS!

The minifigures for Dark Future were I think 20mm and sized perfectly to match up with your Hot-wheels cars decked out for terrorizing the wasteland highways.

They made really cool sets of weapons etc. that you could glue to cars and deck them out with armaments.

the minis

Steve Jackson's Car Wars never did it for me as a game. I loved the background material though and loved reading about it.

I will say that if you can get your hands on the Dark Future novels, those were awesome reads!! SO many great ideas we gleefully ripped off and used in our own Mad-Max/Gamma World games. Good Times!!

All the Jack Yeovil books were great, and man was there a crazy combination of stuff in those books! Comeback Tour was my favorite as you followed an aging Elvis trolling the badlands in his decked out combat car! Wella-wella-HUH!

Anyways, this all comes full circle because I recently ordered GASLANDS! from Osprey books. This game does all the stuff I liked in those other two games but SO much easier!! There is a great community on Facebook and tons of videos on Youtube of guys showing off their car-mods and how-to's on playing the game itself.

Needless to say I have already fallen down the rabbit-hole and purchased 5 Hot-wheels cars to start my own bad-ass road wrecking crew with!

Keep your eye on this spot and you will be privy to Eroc's Wasteland Garage as the construction begins!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Paizo Starfinder Goodness!!

Some new Starfinder items that will work great with your Gamma World or Metamorphosis Alpha campaigns.

First up is the new map pack: Starship Decks
(blurb from Paizo)
Whether your player characters are exploring strange technology or have been kidnapped by aliens,
impatient players don't want to wait for the Game Master to draw the location of the next exciting encounter. This Pathfinder Map Pack provides beautifully illustrated 5" × 8" map tiles that can be used when you unveil the far future as your next setting for adventure. Inside, you'll find 18 richly crafted map tiles, with features like:

Arcane Workshop
Escape Pods
Fighter Hanger
Medical Bay
Starship Bridge
Turbo Lifts

here is the link:

Second is the new flip map: Urban Sprawl

(burb from Paizo)
Whether the heroes are fighting cybernetically augmented gangsters in the dirty streets of a metropolis or simply out for a night on the town, no Game Master wants to spend precious game time drawing every street and alley. Fortunately, with Paizo's latest Starfinder Flip-Mat, you don't have to! This line of gaming maps provides ready-to-use science fantasy set pieces for the busy Game Master. This double-sided map features an upscale, futuristic city center on one side and the dark and dangerous alleys of a dystopian megacity on the other, providing the perfect setting for any science fantasy urban escapade.

here is the link:

Also check out the Tech Dungeon flip-map and the Tech Deck Item cards, and the Iron Gods Item cards deck. All three of these items are great for Gamma World/Metamorphosis Alpha.

I recently used the Tech-Dungeon flip mar in a Gamma World one-shot I ran and I would highly recommend it.